By Scott McNeish

Herald Assistant Sports Editor

CALAMUS — Gloomy gray clouds blanketed the sky, temperatures dipped into the low 50s and stiff winds swayed even the largest trees.

Autumn arrived at Monday's Calamus-Wheatland Invitational.

"This is cross country weather," Bellevue Marquette coach Steven Engelman said. "This was our first experience with true cross country weather. It's something everyone needs to get used to."

The weather, however, didn't slow the area's top runners.

Northeast/East Central's Morgan Casey and Camanche's Codie Adams won their respective races, while the Marquette girls earned a convincing team title at Wapsi Oaks Country Club.

"Your lungs burn, and it felt like I was breathing bowling balls," said Adams, who won his fourth consecutive race. "But you have to get past it."

Iowa Class 2A No. 8-ranked Wilton won the boys race ahead of Durant. North Scott finished third, Camanche placed fourth, 1A No. 15 Prince of Peace finished fifth, Northeast finished sixth, Marquette eighth and Preston 11th.

In the girls race, the 1A ninth-ranked Mohawks earned a 23-point win over 2A No. 9 Wilton.

"We have bigger things in mind," Engelman said. "Hopefully we can qualify for state again, go out there and do something this year."

Prince of Peace placed fifth — two points behind North Scott and just nine points out of third place— Clinton finished sixth, Preston placed seventh and Bellevue turned in an eighth-place finish.

Casey, in her second outing since missing three weeks because of illness, won her race by 18 seconds over teammate Emily Franks.

"When I got to the second mile, the wind was coming at me pretty bad," Casey said. "I was like, 'I'm not really where I want to be,' so I hit the last part of the race pretty hard."

The reigning state champion and top-ranked runner in 2A led Franks, a freshman, by only two seconds at the 1-mile marker. Casey hit another gear shortly after as she bolted down a slope along the golf course's No. 5 fairway, opening up an 9-second lead.

But the youngster didn't allow the gap to increase further until Casey hit the afterburners down the final stretch.

"I just try to keep up with her and just keep her in my sights," Frank said. "I always try to keep up with Morgan throughout our entire practices and at our races, and I think that helps out a lot. She has a lot more experience, and that really helps to push you."

Casey galloped across the finish line, turned and flashed a glowing smile as she high-fived Franks.

"She's been doing really well," said Casey, who missed three meets with viral meningitis. "She's definitely been getting the job done. It's neat to stand there after and know that someone from your team is coming in right behind you. "

Adams has won each race since the Northeast/East Central Invitational on Sept. 10.

He built an 11-second lead at the 2-mile marker despite navigating through a course he described as "tricky."

"I liked it, because it was flat and there wasn't a lot of hills," Adams said, "but there were a few times I worried I would miss a turn and end up on the highway."

The Prince of Peace girls had four runners in the top 20. Reigning 1A runner-up Audrey Griffin finished fourth, Katie Isenhour placed 14th and Chrissy Kokjohn finished 16th.

Anthony Sinn led the Irish boys with an 18th-place finish. Konnor Lemke placed 25th, and Eric Sikkema finished 20th.

"Most of our kids had their best or near their best times," Irish coach Dave Lawrence said. "That's what we needed. As we get closer to districts, we just want to know if we have potential to make it to state. I think the girls and boys teams will have a chance if they keep improving like this."

Clinton's Grace Shemwell finished third, just 12 second behind Franks.

"That's where we feel she should be," Clinton coach Wes Golden said. "We've worked all season on gradually working closer to Morgan. This was the closest she's been. Grace is in a great position right now."

Kate Kaster placed sixth, and Meggie Buikema finished 23rd. For Clinton's boys, Andrew Tuisl placed eighth, Evan Tuisl finished 13th and RG Genco placed 14th.

Golden echoed several area coaches when mentioning the elements provided a tough, yet necessary, challenge.

“The wind was a huge factor, and when it's like this, you have to work that into your strategy," he said. “Typically, this is what it's like at state, so now we know what it's like and we have to overcome it."


at Wapsi Oaks Country Club


Team standings — 1. Bellevue Marquette 68, 2. Wilton 91, 3. Durant 108, 4. North Scott 115, 5. Prince of Peace 117, 6. Clinton 121, 7. Preston 217, 8. Bellevue 293.

Individual leaders — 1. Morgan Casey, Northeast/East Central, 14:37; 2. Emily Franks, Northeast/East Central, 14:55; 3. Grace Shemwell, Clinton, 15:07; 4. Audrey Griffin, Prince of Peace, 15:18; 5. Kayla Naber, North Scott, 15:19; 6. Kate Kaster, Clinton, 15:24; 7. Sarah Lampe, Bellevue Marquette, 15:26; 8. Paige Wheeler, WIlton, 15:32; 9. Becca Baartell, Wilton, 15:39; 10. Katherine Lampe, Bellevue Marquette, 15:44.

BELLEVUE —51. Mollie Knake 18:22, 59. Lexee Sullivan 19:23, 60. Leah Witt 19:24, 61. Sarah Hammond 19:31, 62. Brittany Till 19:43, 63. Haley Norpel 19:48.

BELLEVUE MARQUETTE — 7. Sarah Lampe, 10. Katherine Lampe, 15. Paige Daugherty 16:12, 17. Theresa Koos 18:21, 19. Anna Lampe 16:16, 21. Andrea Frank 16:24, 25. Madeline Schroeder 16:44.

CAMANCHE — 11. Lorena Temple, Camanche, 15:46.

CLINTON — 3. Shemwell, 6. Kaster, 23. Meggie Buikema 16:33, 41. Sarah Martson 17:34, 48. Courtney Kohl 18:19.

NOTHEAST/EAST CENTRAL — 1. Casey, 2. Franks, 47. Jassmine Mangler 18:17, Carly Bormann 19:21.

PRESTON —27. Kim Strait 16:47, 42. Jalynn Tebbe 17:38, 44. Nicole Trenkamp 17:56, 50. Maddi Geier 18:21, 54. Emily Strait 18:43, 57. Kandie Liles 19:09, 65. Megan Petersen 22:26.

PRINCE OF PEACE — 4. Griffin, 14. Katie Isenhour 16:11, 16. Chrissy Kokjohn 16:13, 30. Anna Yackshaw, 53. Taylor Determan 18:41, 56. Jill Crigger 18:55.


Team standings — 1. Wilton 31, 2. Durant 78, 3. North Scott 100, 4. Camanche 138, 5. Prince of Peace 152, 6. Northeast 155, 7. West Liberty 175, 8. Bellevue Marquette 189, 9. North Cedar 227, 10. Calamus-Wheatland 313, 11. Preston 332.

Individual leaders — 1. Codie Adams, Camanche, 16:15; 2. Kyle Paulsen, Wilton, 16:30; 3. Paul Searcy, Wilton, 16:32; 4. Deane Wichelt, Durant, 16:36; 5. Tyler Hartley, WIlton, 16:44; 6. Ben Friedrichs, Durant, 16:45; 7. Dylan Hillyer, West Liberty, 16:49; 8. Andrew Tuisl, Clinton, 16:51; 9. Grant Wakefield, Wilton, 16:52; 10. Nolan Swanson, North Scott, 16:58.

BELLEVUE MARQUETTE — 26. Rob Timmer 17:25, 38. Austin Kalmes 17:41, 40. Scott Nolting 17:42, 41. Paul McClimon 17:43, 44. Danny Schroeder 17:46, 63. Bryce Reeg 18:20.

CAMANCHE — 1. Adams, 16. Kevin Carrington 17:13, 22. Tony Stoll 17:19, 28. Patrick Knapp 17:31, 59. Kevin Beardslee 18:13, 71. Luke Snodgrass 18:58.

CLINTON — 8. Andrew Tuisl, 13. Evan Tuisl 17:09, 14. RG Genko 17:11, 23. Sean Determan 17:20.

NORTHEAST —11. Seth Mommsen 17:00, 27. Eric Anderson 17:30, 30. Connor Soenksen 17:33, 42. Matt Cain 17:44, 45. Alec Gluesing 17:47.

PRESTON — 36. Zach Henningson 17:39, 69. Thomas Kirstin 18:46, 74. Evan Gibbs 19:52, 76. Cole Kelly 20:02, 77. Michael Burken 21:27.

PRINCE OF PEACE — 18. Anthony Sinn 17:15, 25. Konnor Lemke 17:24, 29. Eric Sikkema 17:32, 37. Isaac Jankowski 17:40, 43. Jacob Lehmkuhl 17:45, 46. Joe Schnier 17:48, 55. Kevin Schnier 18:01.

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