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CAMANCHE — Matija Simulak won at No. 1 singles and Camanche swept the doubles competition Saturday to edge Sterling (Ill.) Newman by one point for the team championship at the Camanche Invitational boys tennis tournament.

A pair of third-seeded entries who claimed doubles crowns highlighted the day for the Indians, who finished with 21 points in the seven-team event.

Shawn Iben and Brandon Mink knocked off the second seeds from Independence 10-8 in the semifinals and then beat top seeds Dylon Busser and Luke Stover of Newman 10-3 to claim the title for Camanche at No. 1 doubles.

Austin Stahl and Taylor Roth also came up with a pair of key wins to take the No. 2 doubles title as third seeds. They edged the No. 2-seeded pair of Anthony Sterk and Evan Knack of Sterling Newman 10-8 and followed up with a 10-7 win against top seeds Hyder Chowdhry and Adam Gustafson of Independence in the championship match.

The Indians other titles came from top seeds Rasche and Jace Deering at No. 3 doubles and from Simulak at No. 1 singles. Simulak was seeded second beat Busser, the top seed, 11-9 in the championship match.

Team standings

1. Camanche 21; 2. Sterling Newman 20; 3. Independence 15.5; 4. Maquoketa 10; 5. Western Dubuque 1; 6. (tie) Camanche JV, Maquoketa JV 0.

Individual results

No. 1 singles

Quarterfinals — Colin Nickeson (Maq) def. Ryan Schwinker (Maq. JV) 10-0; Matija Simulak (Cam) def. Taylor Roth (Cam JV) 10-1. Semifinals — Dylon Busser (SN) def. Nickeson 10-2; Simulak def Yusuf Chowdhry (Ind) 10-8. Championship — Simulak def. Busser 11-9. Third place — Chowdhry def. Nickeson.

No. 2 singles

Quarterfinals — Ethan Kilburg (Maq) def. Cole Atkinson (Cam JV); Shawn Iben (Cam) def. Zach Runde (WD) 10-2; Luke Stover (SN) def. Matt Kilburg (Maq JV) 10-1. Semifinals — Hyder Chowdhry (Ind) def. E. Kilburg 10-0; Stover def. Iben 10-7. Championship — Stover def. Chowdhry 11-9. Third place — Iben def. E. Kilburg 10-2.

No. 3 singles

Quarterfinals — Jonathon Snedden (Maq) def. Drew Danner (WD); Austin Stahl (Cam) def. Isaac Kinrade (Maq JV) 10-1; Anthony Petrasko (SN) def. Dan Lind (Cam JV) 10-2. Semifinals — Ryan Tegtmeier (Ind) def. Sneddon; Petrasko def. Stahl 10-4. Championship — Tegtmeier def. Petrasko 11-10. Third place — Stahl (Cam) def. Sneddon by default.

No. 4 singles

Quarterfinals — Adam Gustafson (Ind) def. Brady Dennis (Cam JV); Eric Benton (Maq) def. Caleb Martin (Ind) 10-3; Brayton Rasche (Cam) def. Tyler Polk (Maq JV) 10-1. Semifinals — Gustafson def. Benton 10-5; Rasche def. Ryan Sztochmal (SN) 10-8. Championship — Gustafson def. Rasche 10-1. Third place — Sztochmal def. Benton 10-6.

No. 5 singles

Quarterfinals — Jace Deering (Cam) def. Logan Klosterman (WD) 10-2; Kevin Mills (Ind) def. Justin Lambert (Cam JV) 10-0; Anthony Sterk (SN) def. Evan Collister (Maq JV) 10-0; Ben McClintock (Maq) def. Brady Schawl (Cam JV) 10-6. Semifinals — Deering def. Mills 10-8; Sterk def. McClintock 10-8. Championship — Sterk def. Deering 10-3. Third place — Mills def. McClintock 10-8.

No. 6 singles

Quarterfinals — Matt Kaas (WD) def. Daniel Haan (Maq JV) 10-3; Nate Kilburg (Maq) def. Matt Leisinger (Ind) 10-8; Alex Knack (SN) def. Alex Stahl (Cam JV) 10-0. Semifinals — Brandon Mink (Cam) def. Kaas 10-6; Knack def. Kilburg 10-2. Championship — Knack def. Mink 10-4. Third place — Kilburg def. Kaas 10-1.

No. 1 doubles

Quarterfinals — Nickeson/Sneddon (Maq) def. Atkinson/Lind (Cam JV) 10-3; Iben/Mink (Cam) def. Danner/Mueller (WD) 10-2; Y. Choudhry/Tegtmeier (Ind) def. Schwenker/Kilburg (Maq JV) 10-0. Semifinals — Busser/Stover (SN) def. Nickeson/Sneddon 10-6; Iben/Mink def. Choudhry/Tegtmeier 10-8. Third place — Chowdhry/Tegtmeier def. Nickeson/Sneddon 10-6.

No. 2 doubles

Quarterfinals — Kilburg/Kilburg (Maq) def. Dennis/Schawl; Austin Stahl/Taylor Roth (Cam) def. Runde/Ernzen (WD) 11-9; Sterk/Knack (SN) def. Kinrade/Polk (Maq JV). Semifinals — Chowdhry/Gustafson def. Kilburg/Kilburg 10-6; Stahl/Roth def. Sterk/Knack 10-8. Championship — Stahl/Roth def. Chowdhry/Gustafson 10-7. Third place — Sterk/Knack def. Kilburg/Kilburg 10-5.

No. 3 doubles

Quarterfinals — Knack/Petrasko (SN) def. Collister/Hahn (Maq JV) 10-1; Benton/McClintock (Maq) def. Stahl/Lambert (Cam JV) 10-0. Semifinals — Rasche/Deering (Cam) def. Mills/Leisinger (Ind) 10-3; Knack/Petrasko def. Benton/McClintock 10-8. Championship — Rasche/Deering def. Knack/Petrasko 10-6. Third place — Benton/McClintock def. Mills/Leisinger 10-7.

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