CAMANCHE — The Camanche boys tennis team swept Western Dubuque on Friday, claiming all singles and doubles matches.

Jace Deering recorded a shutout, 10-0, while three other Camanche singles players allowed only one point during the match.

The Indians host their invitational today, and will play Clinton on Monday.


No. 1 — Matija Simulak (C) def. Evan Mueller 10-1; No. 2 — Shawn Iben (C) deef. Zach Runde 10-1; No. 3 — Austin Stahl (C) def. Drew Danner 10-2; No. 4 — Brady Rasche (C) def. Josh Koerperich 10-1; No. 5 — Jace Deering (C) def. Logan Klostermann 10-0; No. 6 — Brandon Mink (C) def. Matt Kass 10-4.


No. 1 — Iben/Mink (C) def. Mueller/Danner 10-1; No. 2 — Taylor Roth/Stahl (C) def. Runde/Ernzen 10-8; No. 3 — Rasche/Deering (C) def. Koeperich/Kass 10-4.

Camanche girls cruise to win

CAMANCHE — The Camanche girls tennis team celebrated senior night with an 8-1 victory against Western Dubuque on Friday. Camanche’s Ashtyn Dixon and Lindsey Nissen blanked their opponents in singles competition, while all three doubles teams recorded shutouts for the Indians.

Seniors honored during the match were Nissen, Jenna Paysen, Callie Reppert, Natalie Biggs and Laken Williams.

Camanche improved to 8-0 overall, and will travel to Clinton on Tuesday.


No. 1 — Ashtyn Dixon (C) def. Traci Azbell 10-0; No. 2 — Lindsey Nissen (C) def. Trudy Ostwinkle 10-0; No. 3 — Robyn Faust (WD) def. Jenna Paysen (C) 10-2; No. 4 — Callie Reppert (C) def. Andrea Zalaznik 10-6; No. 5 — Natalie Biggs (C) def. Hannah Hitgen 10-4; No. 6 — Laken Williams (C) def. Chelsea Kluesner 10-4.


No. 1 — Chelsea Moore/Tiana Bark (C) def. Azbell/Ostwinkle 10-0; No. 2 — Nissen/Jalyn Deering (C) def. Zalaznik/Faust 10-0; No. 3 — Reppert/Paysen (C) def. Hintgen/Kluesner 10-0.

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