Camanche trailed Amboy by 10 points with two events to go Tuesday at the Fulton Relays.

The Indians won the freshman/sophomore 400-meter relay to add 10 points to their total, but Amboy grabbed second place in that event to keep an eight-point advantage.

In the final event, the 1,600-meter relay, Amboy did not place, meaning Camanche would win the team title with a win in the final race.

The team of Brady Grell, Kevin Carrington, Alex Dean and Derek Harksen won the race in 3:37.21 to give the Indians first place in the relays by a 71-69 margin over Amboy.

Carrington was a member of Camanche’s only other winning relay team that allowed the use of upperclassmen — the 3,200. He was the only member of both for the Indians. Camanche also won both freshman/sophomore relays, and Devin Norman ran a leg on each of those.

Carrington ran the anchor leg of the 3,200 relay, and he took the baton with the Indians in fourth place.

“I was just trying to stay on Sherrard (which finished second),” Carrington said. “He was pulling me around the other two guys. Then I got up on him and I got into first. It just came down to the last 200, and I tried to stay in first. It worked out.”

Carrington said he was told he dropped three seconds off of his best 800 time in that race.

Carrington also ran the anchor leg of the 6,400 relay, in which the Indians finished fifth in. He said that fifth-place finish served as motivation in the 3,200 relay.

“I was disappointed that we didn’t finish in the top three in the four-by-16,” Carrington said. “I kind of used that to motivate me to try to get us a first place in the four-by-eight.”

The only individual events were the five field events. Jacob Engelkens provided Erie/Prophetstown with 22 points based on his performance in the three jumping events. The Panthers finished tied for third with Rockridge; both teams had 48 points.

“I was actually very pleased with my triple (jump) and my long (jump),” Engelkens said. He set a personal best in each of those events (20 feet, 3 inches in winning the long jump and 41-3 for second in the triple jump). “My long gave me more spring today than it usually does. My triple, my last jump was my best so I just gave it all I could.”

He said a key for him during the triple jump was leaping forward more instead of as high into the air as he was on his previous attempts.

“My coach recommended it,” Engelkens said. “I tried it and it worked very well.”

Engelkens, wearing pink socks with different colored candy canes and mint swirls while he won the long jump, finished second in the triple jump and fourth in the high jump.

“They’re from a friend,” he said of his socks. “They’re good luck to me, and I’ve used them ever since. I think I’ll get a good tan line with them, too.”

The host Steamers finished in seventh place with 34 points. Fulton was led by victories in both of the hurdle relays, each anchored by Brian Zahnle.

Fulton beat Camanche by 1 1⁄2 seconds in the low/high shuttle relay.

“To be honest, I didn’t expect too much (in that race),” Zahnle said. “We had David Wiest running, and he’s a thrower.”

He had to overtake some other competitors during his 110-meter stretch.

“Coach talks about running relaxed,” Zahnle said. “Sometimes he says I run too relaxed. I just tried to stay relaxed and not push it too much.”

Fulton beat Camanche by 1.4 seconds in the low shuttle hurdle relay.

“The other three guys took care of that one pretty much,” Zahnle said. He just had to keep the Steamers in the lead.

Zahnle also took third in the triple jump. It was the first time he competed in that event since spraining his ankle early in the season.

“I didn’t do too bad,” he said. “It was nice to get back out there and jump.”

Wiest finished third in the shot put with a throw of 43 feet.

West Carroll finished 10th with 21 points. The Thunder’s best performance was Tyler French’s victory in the high jump. He cleared 5 feet, 10 inches.

Morrison finished 12th with nine points. The Mustangs finished fourth in the 6,400 relay, accounting for four of their points.

Roman Meyers scored all six of Unity Christian’s points. He cleared 5-8 in the high jump, good for third.


Team standings — 1. Camanche 71; 2. Amboy 69; (t) 3. Erie/Prophetstown 48; (t) 3. Rock Ridge 48; 5. Sterling Newman 44; 6. Sherrard 36; 7. Fulton 34; 8. Riverdale 33; 9. Galena/River Ridge/East Dubuque 30; 10. West Carroll 21; 11. Milledgeville 16; 12. Morrison 9; 13. Unity Christian 6

Individual results (winners and area top 6)

Shot put — 1. Jake Walls (SN) 43-10; 2. Ethan Oleson (E/P) 43-5; David Wiest (F) 43-0

Discus — 1. Keith Quick (RD) 127-4; 5. Jacob Klein (WC) 117-11; 6. Alex Dean (Cam) 116-10

Long jump — 1. Jacob Engelkens (E/P) 20-3; 5. Phillip O’Shea (Mor) 19-3.5

High jump — 1. Tyler French (WC) 5-10; 3. Roman Meyers (UC) 5-8; 4. Engelkens (E/P) 5-8; 6. Andrew Barsema (F) 5-6

Triple jump — 1. Alex Didier (A) 41-8; 2. Engelkens (E/P) 41-3; 3. Brian Zahnle (F) 40-11.5; 4. French (WC) 39-10; 6. Klein (WC) 38-1.5

6,400-meter relay — 1. Sterling Newman 19:58; 3. Erie/Prophetstown 20:28; 4. Morrison 20:45; 5. Camanche (Brycen Dolan, Kevin Beardslee, Cody Mensinger, Kevin Carrington) 20:56

Low/high shuttle relay — 1. Fulton 1:04.94; 2. Camanche (Luke Reppert, Mitch Raymond, Mike Osaro, Devin Norman) 1:06.46

400 relay — 1. Amboy 45.62; 2. Camanche (Taylor Grim, Brandon Jewell, Brady Grell, Derek Harksen) 45.91; 5. Morrison 47.13; 6. West Carroll 47.40

Freshman/sophomore 1,600 relay — 1. Camanche (Osaro, Taylor Yaddof, Zach Nissen, Norman) 3:50.96; 5. Erie/Prophetstown 4:02.28; 6. Fulton 4:07.00

Sprint medley — 1. Milledgeville 1:38.80; 4. Camanche (Aaron Shum, Jewell, Grell, Harksen) 1:40.11; 6. West Carroll 1:41.84

3,200 relay — 1. Camanche (Grim, Kyle Gifford, Mensinger, Carrington) 8:48.71; 3. Erie/Prophetstown 8:50.09; 6. Morrison 9:08.06

Low shuttle hurdle — 1. Fulton 1:01.58; 2. Camanche (Reppert, Raymond, Osaro, Norman) 1:02.59

800 relay — 1. Amboy 1:35.12; 6. West Carroll 1:39.06

Freshman/sophomore 400 relay — 1. Camanche (Shum, Quan Matthews. Justin James, Norman) 49.12; 4. Erie/Prophetstown 49.81

1,600 relay — 1. Camanche (Grell, Carrington, Dean, Harksen) 3:37.21; 6. West Carroll 3:44.74