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ROCHELLE, Ill. — Kate Kaster continued her strong sophomore season of cross country, racing to the individual title Thursday at the Rochelle Invitational at Skare State Park. The Clinton boys, meanwhile ran away with the team title.

“We had great team performances from both the boys and girls,” coach Wes Golden said. “From top to bottom, we competed well. The boys raced to our first win of the season, which gives us some confidence going into the second half of the season.”

Evan Tuisl led the River Kings, taking third place in the three-mile race in 16 minutes, 34 seconds. Andrew Tuisl placed sixth, and Blake Tinderholt was ninth.

Running the Illinois distance of three miles for the first time, Kaster recorded her first varsity victory in 18:59.

“She didn’t take the lead until the last half-mile of the race,” Golden said. “This, hopefully, gives her the confidence to take her race to the next level, as well.”

Grace Shemwell added a fourth-place finish for Clinton, which took third in the team standings.

“It is nice going to Illinois to race against unknown competition,” Golden said. “It gives the kids a new perspective and practice running against unknown competition. Also, the girls move up in distance. In Iowa, girls race 2.5 miles and in Illinois, girls race three miles. I think the girls stepped it up and did a wonderful job running the extra half-mile.”


Team standings — 1. Oregon 40; 2. Rochelle 48; 3. Clinton 63; 4. Sandwich 95; 5. Amboy 103. Somonauk had no score.

Clinton results

1. Kate Kaster 18:59; 4. Grace Shemwell 19:28; 17. Meggie Buikema 21:57; 22. Sarah Marston 23:04; 30. Kathleen Marston 24:50; 38. Abigail Jergenson 27:57.


1. Clinton 42; 2. Rochelle 62; 3. Oregon 65; 4. Sandwich 80; 5. Amboy 131; 6. Somonauk 150.

Clinton results

3. Evan Tuisl 16:34; 6. Andrew Tuisl 17:14; 9. Blake Tinderholt 17:25; 11. RG Genko 17:36; 13. Sean Determan 17:57; 17. Emanuel Marcos-Teles 18:13; 21. Bret Determan 18:30; 23. Nick Dash 18:36; 29. Matthew Boyd 19:17; 34. Marquis Estrada 19:29; 37. Jared Cannon 19:43; 42. Nolan Kenny 19:58; 47. Dexter Klaes 20:16; 49. Jason Banker 20:21; 51. Sean McDonnell 20:39; 52. Tyler Hemingway 20:40; 54. Kyle Norman 21:05.

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