Jeff and Jennifer Paul run together a lot.

The LeClaire couple frequently trains in the basement of their home — she on the treadmill, he on the power cycle. When the weather is warmer, they get the strollers out and push their children around.

“He’ll go for his workout, and then I’ll do my workout,” Jennifer Paul said.

The two also compete at many of the same road races. At Saturday’s B-rrry Scurry 4-mile road race, the couple that runs, works out and competes together also won together.

They handily won their divisions during the 30th annual race, sponsored by Clinton Community College. Jeff Paul won the men’s division in 21 minutes, 44 seconds, 12 seconds ahead of Joel Frye of Des Moines. Jennifer Paul finished in 24:18 to take the women’s crown.

Both times were off the all-time records (20:15 for men and 23:21 for women).

“I’m a professional athlete, so I’ve been training my butt off,” Jeff Paul said. “I’ve got a big race in San Juan (Puerto Rico) on March 19, so … I guess today is a good workout.

“I ran the first two miles at a tempo pace, and the last two miles as fast as I could. I had a big gap to overcome because those first two miles I went pretty easy. It feels good to get that kind of workout in.”

Jennifer Paul said: “I knew it was a flat course. It feels great to see how .. my husband tries and when he comes to these races to work out, he does really well, and it’s exciting to see. I like this competition. It was a great day and I had fun, that’s for sure.”

Snow drifts, remaining from the blizzard earlier in the week, lined the course, where 744 runners competed. The weather featured sunny skies and a temperature of 31 degrees.

The race was the fourth to feature chip timing, whereby a disposable chip was affixed to one of each runner’s shoes for quick and accurate timing. Runners cross a timing pad at the start and finish of the race, and the results are available on the internet almost instantly.

“Runners love the chip timing for the quick results, and we thank Jeff Castro and his timing company for that,” race director Ann Eisenman said. “We appreciate the sponsors, dozens of volunteers and our B-rrry Scurry Race committee that put in so many hours of their time for a memorable 30th anniversary event.”

In addition to the age-group awards, B-rrry Scurry also hosts a B-rrry Scurry Challenge to businesses and organizations. The winners are determined by the number of people the respective organizations have entered in the race. Winner of the Large Group (over 150 members) award was Mercy Medical Center. In the Small Group Challenge (fewer than 150 members), the winner was Rock River Road Runners.

Volunteers of the Year honors were awarded to the former B-rrry Scurry race directors for their commitment to the continuation of the race through the years: Mark Schroeder, Dory Briles, Gene Hugelen, Renee Simmons, Bob Miller, Jim Thyne, Tim Sievers, Alan Campbell and  Anne Schmidt. Clinton Community College, sponsor of the race since its beginning, was honored as Sponsor of the Year.

This year’s race also featured a “Come as Your Favorite 1980s Character” costume contest. Award winners were:

N Bad to the Bone Award: Ghostbusters.

N Gnarly Award: Scooby Doo.

N Radical Award: Huey, Dewey and Louie (from “DuckTales”).

N To The MAX Award: Smurfs.

N Lame Award: Pink Video Vixens.

Before the race, a moment of silence was observed for Charles Witt, a retired police captain with the Clinton Police Department. Witt, who had worked with the B-rrry Scurry race committee for many years, died Jan. 25 after a battle with cancer.



Overall winner — Jeff Paul (LeClaire) 21:44.

Age division winners — 10-14: Jorvick Harris (Clinton) 26:19. 15-19: Trent Versluis (Independence) 24:28. 20-24: Tyler Sullivan (Coralville) 22:40. 25-29: Josh Long (Burlington) 23:59. 30-34: Brent Fiegel (Buffalo) 26:12. 35-39: Joel Frye (Des Moines) 21:56. 40-44: Reid David (Fairfax) 25:51. 45-49: Jerry Lack (East Moline, Ill.) 23:18. 50-54: Tom Shipp (Prophetstown, Ill.) 26:13. 55-59: Brian Volkens (DeWitt) 26:18. 60-64: Jim Buhman (Bettendorf) 31:06. 65-69: Thomas Kirkwood (Dyersville) 30:04. 70-above: David Zimmer (Long Grove) 32:29.


Overall winner — Jennifer Paul (LeClaire) 24:18.

Age division winners — 10-14: Alex Smith (Solon) 29:28. 15-19: Anne Leners (Bettendorf) 29:29. 20-24: Elaina Mertens (Cedar Rapids) 25:25.  25-29: Carmin Green (Rock Island, Ill.) 26:54. 30-34: Angela Bengtson (Clinton) 29:26; 35-39: Jessica Langford (Rockford, Ill.) 24:48. 40-44: Barb Lauff (Sterling, Ill.) 27:37.  45-49: Eve Reynolds (Walcott) 33:14. 50-54: Cathy Lack (East Moline, Ill.) 30:23. 55-59: Muriel Neumann (Iowa City) 30:59. 60-64: Connie Lahann (DeWitt) 31:08. 65-59: Judie Gulley (Orion, Ill.) 39:10.  70-above: Jan Gustafson (Orion) 40:28.

Complete results are available online at