MAC track meet

Clinton’s Adam Young participates in the long jump during the Mississippi Athletic Conference track meet. Young jumped 20 feet, 1 inch, to finish in fourth place.

The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

BETTENDORF — Throwers almost always are sent away from the stadium at track meets. Sent where only the devoted fans of the shot put and discus will follow them. It doesn't lessen the importance of the throwers, though.

While many people know Clinton boys track team for having state champion and University of Iowa recruit Ethan Holmes as its leaders, the throwers have been a key to the team's success this season.

“I think the throws help us a lot,” one of the throwers, Brent Clausen, said. “A lot of people might not notice them, but a few points can make a big difference.”

The points certainly were helpful for the River Kings on Friday night. After enduring a long wait for the points to be added to the team totals, the 28 points Clinton got from 2-3 finishes in both the discus and shot put vaulted them into the lead at the Mississippi Athletic Conference boys track and field meet with only a handful of events left. Unfortunately for the River Kings, Pleasant Valley rallied in the final four events and edged Clinton 134.5-133 for the title Friday night at Spartans Stadium.

“It’s pretty bad,” a dejected Ethan Holmes said of the narrow loss. “We lost by 11⁄2. That’s one more place in one more race.”

Holmes scored the maximum amount of points that he could, and he broke a meet record, as well. He won the 400 meters, won the 110 hurdles, broke the record in the 400 hurdles and then anchored the 1,600 relay unit to a win in the final event.

“He was fantastic,” Clinton coach Tony Smith said.

But, Pleasant Valley finished close enough to Clinton in the 1,600, though, to hold off the River Kings in the team standings.

“It’s a little disappointing,” Smith said. “A goal of ours was to win. We didn’t get that, and we’ve got to move on.”

Holmes shaved a half-second off the 6-year-old conference record in the 400 hurdles, winning in 52.95 seconds.

“I wanted the record,” said Holmes, the defending state champion in the 400 hurdles. “On the bus ride down here, the 400 lows looked like the only record I had a chance at tonight. I came here with the intention to break the record.”

Matt Leal of Davenport West made sure Holmes either got the record or settled for second place. Leal led most of the race, they hit the final hurdle at the same time and then Holmes outsprinted Leal to the finish line to win by .54 seconds.

“I knew I had a shot, but I don't think I could have done it without that push from West,” Holmes said. “It's the first time I've had a push around here. It felt good.

“I was surprised by the Davenport West kid, yes. I look forward to seeing another guy from around here at state.”

Holmes won the 400 dash in 49.85 and the 110 hurdles in 14.50.

“In the 400, I definitely went out 100 percent, but I knew I had a lot to do tonight and the last 20 meters I just held on. In the 110s, I came right out of the 400, so I was pretty happy with my time.”

The River Kings had a 110-97.5 lead over defending champion Pleasant Valley after Holmes' record performance. But any thoughts of an early celebration for the River Kings were put on hold when the teams had to endure a 1-hour, 13-minute, rain and lightning delay.

When they returned, the Spartans finished one spot ahead of Clinton in the sprint medley relay, got a 1-2 finish for an 18-3 points edge in the 800 and finished one place ahead of Clinton in the 400 relay to reclaim the lead entering the final race.

The River Kings couldn’t fault the performance of their throwers, either, even if only a few people saw them.

“I like some people around me,” said Clausen, who placed third in the discus. “It maybe makes me a little more motivated to get on out there. It's definitely more fun when eyes are you.”

Jaryd Prince took third in the shot put for Clinton, one-half-inch behind teammate Matt Murphy.

“Mental approach is big, that's what lets us throw hard,” Prince said. “Hitting the weight room and throwing every day helps.”

The 28 points Clinton scored with a pair of 2-3 finishes in the throws made a big difference, too.

“I think that's what really sets us apart,” Murphy said. “You could argue that Bettendorf is the most solid, but Smitty (Smith) always says the majority of the way we can get good standings is having good throws.”

Murphy finished second behind Bettendorf's Kyle Lichtenberg in the shot put and discus.

“The shot, I was pretty happy with that,” Murphy said of his throw of 49 feet, 9 inches. “I haven't thrown that for a while. The discus (141-2) was a little disappointing, but second is not bad, and it helps the team.”


Team standings

1. Pleasant Valley 134.5; 2. Clinton 133; 3. Bettendorf 121; 4. Burlington 85.5; 5. Davenport West 58; 6. Davenport Central 52; 7. Muscatine 47; 8. Davenport North 28.5; 9. North Scott 19.5; 10. Davenport Assumption 19.


(Top five, Clinton placewinners)

3,200 meters - 1. Andrew Swanson (PV) 9:38.82; 2. JT McCarthy (Bur) 9:40.54; 3. Marshall Moyer (Bur) 9:41.74; 4. Nick Young (Bet) 9:47.04; 5. Cody Doughan (PV) 9:48.98.

3,200 relay - 1. Pleasant Valley (Evan Schommer, Zach Bozman, Trevor Johnson, Austin O'Brien) 8:16.74; 2. West 8:20.02; 3. Clinton (Devan Ebensberger, James Smith, Tyler Morehead, Kaleb Frazier) 8:21.80; 4. Burlington 8:27.04; 5. Muscatine 8:39.83.

Long jump - 1. Kenny Gilmore (DC) 22-9.5; 2. Maurice Terrell (PV) 21-4.5; 3. Richard Faust (PV) 20-9.75; 4. Adam Young (Cli) 20-1.25; 5. Zerran Horton-Herrera (Bur) 19-8.

High jump - 1.Ben Wolfe (DA) 6-2; 2. Austin Penningroth (PV) 6-0; 3. (tie) Zane Pennock (Cli), Blake Anderson (NS) 6-0; 5. Chris Campbell (Cli) 5-10.

Shuttle hurdle relay - 1. Bettendorf (John Chelsley, Nicholas Oestreich, Ryker Fox, Bryce Ewan) 59.36; 2. Muscatine 1:00.10; 3. Clinton (Tyler Redman, Devan Ebensberger, Zane Pennock, Jake Mangler) 1:00.43; 4. Burlington 1:03.90; 5. North Scott 1:06.38.

100 - 1. Ellis Robinson (PV) 10.76; 2. Jamal Simmons (Bur) 10.89; 3. Cam Brown (Bet) 10.97; 4. Jordan Webb (Bur) 11.02; 5. David Johnson (Cli) 11.03; 14. Alex Baker (Cli) 11.70.

400 - 1. Ethan Holmes (Cli) 49.85; 2. Evan Deuth (Bet) 50.39; 3. John Sokolik (PV) 51.60; 4. Alec Fetterer (DN) 51.96; 5. Chris Sanders (Bet) 52.28; 10. Frazier (Cli) 53.58.

800 relay - 1. Burlington (Jordan Webb, Jamal Simmons, Josh Osborn, Demarcus Chew) 1:29.21; 2. Clinton (Shawn Winoski, Jake Mangler, Alex Baker, David Johnson) 1:30.78. 3. Central 1:31.44; 4. Pleasant Valley 1:31.61; 5. Bettendorf 1:32.47.

110 high hurdles - 1. Ethan Holmes (Cli) 14.50; 2. Alex Bailey (Mus) 15.23; 3. Jake Mangler (Cli) 15.36; 4. Jared Hetzler (Mus) 15.49; 5. Sean Rorick (DW) 15.59.

1,600 - 1. Andrew Swanson (PV) 4:26.72; 2. Robbie Pogue (DC) 4:27.35; 3. Nick Young (Bet) 4:31.00; 4. Tyler Meseke (PV) 4:31.84; 5. Marshall Moyer (Bur) 4:32.95; 8. James Smith (Cli) 4:41.98.

200 - 1. Jamal Simmons (Bur) 21.87; 2. Ellis Robinson (PV) 21.93; 3. Airreo Greer (DN) 22.25; 4. Jordan Webb (Bur) 22.37; 5. David Johnson (Cli) 22.66; 9. Alex Baker (Cli) 23.32.

Discus - 1. Kyle Lichtenberg (Bet) 145-11; 2. Matt Murphy (Cli) 141-2; 3. Brent Clausen (Cli) 137-8; 4. Jeremy Jacobsen (Bet) 136-3; 5. Jacob Mirfield (NS) 134-4.

Shot put - 1. Kyle Lichtenberg (Bet) 51-2; 2. Matt Murphy (Cli) 49-9; 3. Jaryd Prince (Cli) 49-8.5; 4. Matt Suiter (Bet) 48-0.5; 5. Prentiss Hood (DC) 47-2.

400 hurdles - 1. Ethan Holmes (Cli) 52.95 (meet record, old, 53.45, Steve Fink, North Scott, Dennis Hammel, Davenport Central, 2003); 2. Matt Leal (DW) 53.49; 3. Nicholas Oestreich (Bet) 55.56; 4. Wade Lang (PV) 55.95; 5. Sean Rorick (DW) 56.34; 6. Devan Ebensberger (Cli) 58.43.

1,600 sprint medley relay - 1. Bettendorf (Cam Brown, Chris Sanders, Evan Deuth, Nick Young) 3:36.18; 2. Pleasant Valley 3:39.50; 3. Clinton (Tyler Redman, Ty Hatheway, Darryl Sexton, Kaleb Frazier) 3:44.37; 4. North 3:47.90; 5. Muscatine 3:50.41.

800 - 1. Andrew Swanson (PV) 2:00.91; 2. Evan Schommer (PV) 2:01.81; 3. Maximilien Stern (Bet) 2:04.60; 4. Syruss Martin (DW) 2:04.82; 5. Jack Flaherty (Bur) 2:05.62; 6. James Smith (Cli) 2:07.01.

400 relay - 1. Burlington (Jordan Webb, Jamal Simmons, Josh Osborn, Demarcus Chew) 43.17; 2. Davenport West 44.39; 3. Muscatine 44.76; 4. Pleasant Valley 44.89; 5. Clinton (Tyler Reman, Justin Clark, Shawn Winoski, Alex Baker) 44.90.

1,600 relay - 1. Clinton (Jake Mangler, Kaleb Frazier, David Johnson, Ethan Holmes) 3:27.00; 2. West 3:27.22; 3. Pleasant Valley 3:29.94; 4. Bettendorf 3:38.27; 5. North 3:39.06.

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