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MUSCATINE — Trying a change of pace with a unique scoring system, Muscatine defeated Clinton in high school boys golf Thursday afternoon at Geneva Country Club.

The Muskies won 64-32. They would have won 168-179 using the regular scoring formula.

The teams used a modified match-play scoring system, with each team having eight scorers instead of the usual four. The winner of each hole earned a point for his team, with the head-to-head medal winner earning an additional three points.

“We try to do a match-play every year,” Clinton coach Paul Niedermeyer said. “(With this format) if a kid has a bad hole, he can still win some points.”

Jeremy Miller won his match at No. 1 against Muscatine’s Michael Canfield. Miller finished with a 41 to tie Josh Anderson of Muscatine for medalist honors, and he beat Canfield 81⁄2-31⁄2 in the match-play competition.

That was the lone win for the River Kings (11-22), however, as Muscatine gained a little revenge after finishing behind Clinton on Wednesday at the Clinton Invitational.

“I don’t think we played very well today; we were not very focused,” Niedermeyer said. “We’re still making too many mistakes, but we played an awfully lot of good holes. Christian (Rowan) and Jeremy split (the Nos. 1 and 2 matches), then we kind of went downhill. They certainly are much deeper.”

Niedermeyer said the River Kings were fighting from behind almost from the beginning.

“Logan couldn’t find his first ball, then he hit his provisional ball into hollowed tree and took an eight,” Niedermeyer said. “But he made par on his second hole and birdied the third. Steve lost his ball on the first hole and had a triple bogey, then had two pars.”

“That’s the niceness of match play. It’s one reason we play match play. Once that hole is over, it’s like a new game.”


(168-179 in medal play)

No. 1 — Jeremy Miller (C) (41) def. Michael Canfield (42) 81⁄2-31⁄2; No. 2 — Josh Anderson (M) (41) def. Christian Rowan (43) 81⁄2-31⁄2; No. 3 — Drake Decker (M) (46) def. Tony Balk (48) 71⁄2-41⁄2; No. 4 — Jacob Koch (M) (44) def. Logan Hood (49) 8-4; No. 5 — Brady Smock (M) (45) def. Steve Davis (56) 8-4; No. 6 — Austin Young (M) (42) def. Alex Baker (50) 9-3; No. 7 — Tyler Askren (M) (44) def. Connor Hood (47) 91⁄2-21⁄2; No. 8 — Chris Lawhead (M) (43) def. Nolan Rolston (52) 10-2.

Record — 11-22.

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