PARK VIEW — In the swimming pool, Evan Tuisl already has made himself a figure to fear for Clinton High School.

On the cross country trail, he’s still a relatively unknown commodity. But that may not last, as Tuisl turned in a fine third-place showing Tuesday evening at the North Scott Invitational, finishing behind only Bettendorf’s top two runners in the 10-team meet. His time was a bit slow by 5-kilometer standards (18 minutes, 43 seconds) but most coaches in attendance suggested the course was significantly longer than the 3.1-mile distance.

“I was very happy with where I finished. My goal is to be (Mississippi Athletic Conference) champion, so my goal always (in every race) is to catch the fastest kids, hold on to them. This year’s turning out to be great,” Tuisl said. “Nobody (in the MAC cross country scene) really knows who I am.”

Tuisl sprinted past Davenport West’s Joe Bierl and Davenport North’s Nathan Thiessen to take third individually. As a team, Clinton ran incomplete at the varsity level in both races, but in the boys’ varsity competition, three River Kings won top-15 medals. Andrew Tuisl finished13th and Ronald Genco III took 14th place. The River Kings also had sizable contingents in both the freshman-sophomore and junior varsity competitions.

Meanwhile, Central DeWitt brought home a solid third-place team effort, scoring 132 points. Ben Niemann’s 10th-place individual effort, in 19:12, was good enough to make him the Sabers’ No. 1 runner.

Bettendorf had four runners finish in the top eight, easily outdistancing Rock Island, 34-69, for the varsity title. Calamus-Wheatland also competed in the meet but ran as a junior varsity team in the otherwise larger-school-dominated race.

In the girls race, Clinton sophomore Kate Kaster put together a solid performance in light of being ill for a week, taking fifth overall, but she wasn’t completely thrilled with her time over the girls 4K course (16:23).

“I was getting over a ... it was just like a cold,” Kaster said of her time. “I felt like I did OK. It wasn’t a good race, and it wasn’t a bad race. It was OK. It was good. It seemed like my times were a little slow, but it was a nice course.”

Kaster had to make up some ground to reach the top five in the race, won by Bettendorf freshman Anna Peer in 15:49. Bettendorf had four top-six finishes individually and dominated with a 24-point team score, 58 ahead of runner-up Davenport Assumption. Clinton also ran incomplete in the varsity girls race, with several entries in the JV and freshman-sophomore races. Central DeWitt also competed as a varsity team, finishing seventh as a team with 184 points. Lindsay Smith’s 17th-place finish was the Sabers’ top effort.

“Basically, today, what we were looking for was to move people up. We can’t really score (as a varsity team) because of numbers and injuries,” River Kings and Queens coach Wes Golden said. “We’re not forgetting about the team; we’re still working with that.

“In the girls race, we wanted to let Kate run a varsity race. She dominated two out of three in sophomore races, but now we wanted her to get experience running with varsity runners. For the boys, our season hinges on our 2-3-4 runners — Andrew Tuisl, RG (Genco) and Sean (Determan). Andrew and RG both got top-15 medals, so we’re just going to work on moving them up and pushing them up as best we can.”



(5,000 meters)

Team standings — 1. Bettendorf 34. 2. Rock Island 69. 3. Central DeWitt 132. 4. North Scott 145. 5. Davenport West 151. 6. Davenport Central 153. 3. Davenport Assumption 154. 8. Davenport North 163. Also: Clinton incomplete (Note: Calamus-Wheatland also competed, as a JV team).

Individual leaders — 1. Ryan Flynn (B), 17:53. 2. Matt Butler (B), 18:21. 3. Evan Tuisl (Clinton), 18:43. 4. Nathan Thiessen (DN), 18:44. 5. Joe Bierl (DW), 18:53. 6. Brian Thomas (B), 18:54. 7. Cameron Leiby (RI), 18:56. 8. Ryan Birkhofer (B), 19:10. 9. Aubrey Barnes (RI), 19:11. 10. Ben Niemann (CD), 19:12.

Clinton — 3. E. Tuisl. 13. Andrew Tuisl, 19:21. 14. Ronald Genco III, 19:30. 39. Sean Determan, 20:28.

Central DeWitt — 10. Niemann. 16. Matt Zimmer, 19:33. 24. Daniel Barnes, 19:47. 40. Nick Jewell, 20:34. 42. Ethan Busch, 20:51. 55. Ryan McAleer, 22:24. 56. Ryan Hance, 22:42.


(4,000 meters)

Team standings — 1. Bettendorf 24. 2. Davenport Assumption 82. 3. North Scott 105. 4. Davenport West 116. 5. Davenport Central 137. 6. Rock Island 164. 7. Central DeWitt 184. Also: Clinton, Davenport North incomplete (Note: Calamus-Wheatland also competed, as a JV team).

Individual leaders — 1. Anna Peer (B), 15:49. 2. Mahnee Watts (B), 16:03. 3. Becca Wilder (DC), 16:09. 4. Megan Nuckles (B), 16:13. 5. Kate Kaster (Clinton), 16:23. 6. Solveig Entwistle (B), 16:33. 7. Kayla Naber (NS), 16:44. 8. Joanna Cone (RI), 16:51. 9. Hannah Adams (DA), 16:58. 10. Erica Grubbs (DA), 17:08.

Clinton — 5. Kaster. 21. Hattie Buikema, 17:54. 41. Sarah Marston, 18:51.

Central DeWitt — 17. Lindsay Smith, 17:38. 38. Carrie Davenport, 18:41. 39. Beth Davis, 18:48. 44. Paige Kruse, 19:03. 46. Holly Kreiter, 19:17. 48. Hillary Drury, 19:23. 52. Katy Vervala, 19:47.

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