LumberKingor Lannister?

Rachael Keating/Clinton Herald Dave Gerber (31) warms up before a LumberKings home game at Ashford University Field. Gerber can most definitely talk baseball with you, but might prefer to talk about the house of Stark.

Sure, you can talk to righty Dave Gerber about the Clinton LumberKings or about baseball. There is a reason he’s playing professionally this season.

But if you really want to see him get excited, just say “Winter is coming”.

“Oh my God, I love Game of Thrones,” Gerber said. “I’m probably one of the biggest Game of Thrones nerds around, for sure.”

Gerber jumped into the HBO series during season three. He might have had poor timing, but hey — whatever works.

“It was during freshman year of college finals, which is the worst time to start binge watching a show,” Gerber said. “My finals freshman year were not very good.

“I have read some of the books, but I watch the show religiously. I’ve probably gone through the show now three times. I’ve done, for things I don’t understand, I’ll go online and research.”

He didn’t let his passion for Westeros and Essos end there.

“There’s an app called QuizUp. You can do trivia challenges for shows, and Game of Thrones is one of them,” Gerber said. “I played so much that it will show your ranking, and I was No. 1 in Nebraska. I lost to No. 1 in the United States, but I beat No. 1 in Europe which was a high moment in my life.”

If there was a draft for Game of Thrones trivia, we all know who would go No. 1 now.

“It was just kind of a thing to do,” Gerber said. “My buddy told me about it and when I saw Game of Thrones as an option, I was like let’s do it. It was fun getting competitive with it. A little frustrating if you lose, but it was a good time.”

He’s not embarrassed about his nerdy side at all. In fact, he hears someone talking about the series he will jump right in.

He doesn’t get off the hook easy, though. Do some of the LumberKings make fun of him?

“A couple already do,” Gerber said about the clubhouse chatter. “I get picked on here and there but I wear it with pride. I’m a Game of Thrones huge fan, so I have no issues with anybody saying funny comments to me about it.”

If he misses a show because of a game, it’s a “do not disturb”, headphones in night. He doesn’t want interruptions or more importantly, spoilers.

“It’s hard,” Gerber said. “With social media, if you don’t watch the show when it happens, you get on Twitter and a thousand people are talking about what happened in the episode. If we have a game, I try to shut off social media until I get to watch it.”

He might be more at risk of spoiling the show for someone else.

“I have a lot of theories so my friends actually try not to talk to me about it,” Gerber said. “They don’t want my theories to be right, because then I’m spoiling it for them. I keep up with the show and try not to get anything spoiled.”

So, the fact that this is the last season must be pretty hard, eh?

“There’s going to be a hole in my heart,” Gerber said.

He might not be the best at trivia anymore, but he will still be watching season eight.

The most important question: which house?

“House of Stark—every day of the week and twice on Sunday.”

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