The American Volleyball Coaches Association has announced that Clinton High School is one of 198 high school women’s volleyball teams to earn the AVCA Team Academic Award for the 2011-2012 season.

The award, initiated in the 1992-93 academic year, honors collegiate and high school volleyball teams that displayed excellence in the classroom during the school year by maintaining at least a 3.30 cumulative team grade-point average on a 4.0 scale or a 4.10 cumulative team GPA on a 5.0 scale.

"Many coaches tell us they take more pride in and hear more positive feedback about winning the AVCA Team Academic Award than anything else they do all year," AVCA executive director Kathy DeBoer said. "While it is undeniable that the sport we coach is zero-sum on the scoreboard, it is a tool for empowerment on other fronts. The 198 high school coaches whose teams won this academic award understand the value of both playing to win and winning through play. A well-deserved congratulations to coach (Mark) Massey and his Clinton High School volleyball team!"   

Members of the 2011-2012 CHS Volleyball team recognized for academic achievement with a combined 3.45GPA were Devin Matheny, Courtney Harlock, Erin Dickinson, Marquel Schultheis, Alyssa Wing, Erin Wenzel, Monique Harris, Amanda Hatfield, Taylor Troxell, Kylie Sterk, Alexis Dickinson, Paige Barsema and Shelby Hinz.

“While obviously, always very proud of the efforts of CHS volleyball players on the court over the years, as a teacher and parent, I also have always valued the ‘student’ component of the student/athlete,” Massey said. “Some of these girls may go and play more volleyball; they will all go on to some type of post-high school training, education, or career. The effort that they put into their education will pay dividends as they become better equipped for the challenges they will face in whatever they choose to do. Their education will help ensure that they become better and more productive citizens of their community.”

The River Queens have a scrimmage Saturday morning at Davenport North, then start the 2012 season Saturday, Aug. 25, at the Central DeWitt Invitational.

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