CLINTON — Clinton’s Amanda Bouchard and Patricia Pitschi were in on four wins apiece as the River Queens swimming team won all 12 events and cruised to a 117-38 Mississippi Athletic Conference win over Burlington Tuesday.

“It was a great night,” Clinton coach June Wilden said. “We had 23 lifetime bests. It was great to win all the varsity events. We just missed making it a perfect night in a couple JV events.

“Lifetime bests in all four events were Alyssa Wells and Breanne Mussman. Those with three were Rachel Harden and Natasha Kerr. The medley relay swam their season-best time.”

Pitschi helped Clinton win all three relays. She also won the 100 butterfly. Bouchard was part of two relay wins and won the 50 and 100 freestyles.

Libby Hess was part of three wins for the Queens, while teammates Alyssa Erling, Erika Hunter, Katie Stanley and Larissa Wilden were part of two wins apiece.

Brianna Eizenga also had a win for Clinton and teammate Katie Hansen won the diving competition.

The River Queens (4-2, 2-1 MAC) host Muscatine next Tuesday.


Clinton 117, Burlington 38

Winners and Clinton others

200 medley relay—1, Clinton A (Larissa Wilden, Libby Hess, Patricia Pitschi, Amanda Bouchard) 1:59.66; 2, Clinton B (Brianna Eizenga, Erika Hunter, Taylor Rippon, Alyssa Erling) 2:12.31.

200 ireestyle—1, Katie Stanley (C) 2:16.19; 3, Katie Spooner (C) 2:44.31.

200 Individual medley—1, Hunter (C) 2:29.71; Eizenga (C) 2:30.23.

50 freestyle—1, Bouchard (C) 27.34; 2, Wilden (C) 27.99.

1-meter diving—1, Katie Hansen (C) 175.35; 2, Megan Suter (C) 146.00.

100 butterfly—1, Pitschi (C) 1:04.09; 2, Hess (C) 1:08.75.

100 freestyle—1, Bouchard (C) 57.92; 2, Taylor Rippon (C) 1:00.23.

500 freestyle—1, Stanley (C) 5:59.37.

200 freestyle relay—1, Clinton A (Erling, Pitschi, Eizenga, Wilden) 1:52.43; Clinton B (Spooner, Hunter, Stanley, Rippon).

100 backstroke—1, Erling (C) 1:13.79.

100 breaststroke—1, Hess (C) 1:12.31; 2, Wilden (C) 1:23.71.

400 freestyle relay—1, Clinton A (Hunter, Bouchard, Pitschi, Hess) 4:03.79; 2, Clinton B (Rippon, Stanley, Eizenga, Erling) 4:12.75.

Records—Clinton 4-2, 2-1 Mississippi Athletic Conference. Next—Muscatine at Clinton, Tuesday.


Clinton 99, Burlington 38

Clinton Results

200 medley relay—1, Clinton A (Makaira Carter, Breanne Mussman, Alyssa Wells, Rachel Harden) 2:32.52.

200 freestyle—1, Laura Callan (C) 2:32.15; Natasha Kerr (C) 2:56.16.

200 individual medley—1, Wells (C) 2:59.57; Taylor Gutierrez (C) 3:38.51.

50 freestyle—1, Harden (C) 31.52.

One meter diving—Katie Spooner (C) 112.95; Callan (C) 105.40.

100 butterfly—2, Mussman (C) 1:36.47.

100 freestyle—2, Gutirerrez (C) 1:24.14; 3, Hansen (C) 1:28.36.

500 freestyle—1, Carter (C) 8:02.97.

200 freestyle relay—1, Clinton A (Wells, Callan, Kerr, Gutierrez) 2:21.77.

100 backstroke—1, Wells (C) 1:22.93;2, Harden (C) 1:34.59.

100 breaststroke—2, Mussman (C) 1:33.71; 3, Carter (C) 1:41.91.

400 freestyle relay—1, Clinton A (Spooner, Harden, Carter, Mussman) 5:12.39; 3, Clinton B (Kerr, Callan, Gutierrez, Hansen).

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