The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

February 18, 2014

River Kings claim MAC bowling crown

Herald Staff Report

MUSCATINE — All five Clinton scorers rolled 400-plus series to lead the River Kings to the Mississippi Athletic Conference boys bowling title Saturday at Plamor Lanes.

Clinton totaled 3,198 pins to beat runner-up Muscatine (3,139) by 59 pins.

River Kings junior Evan Marr was the high scorer in individual play, rolling games of 249 and 225 for a 474 total. Tyler Schutte was Clinton’s No. 2 scorer with a 443, followed by Tanner Heppner (425), Nick Heimbaugh (417) and Tim Dawson (415).

“The boys team had a good day but still missed a few easy spares,” Clinton coach Mark Richardson said. “Overall they are all bowling good and working together as a team.”

Richardson was named boys Coach of the Year, while Schutte and Marr earned first-team all-conference honors. Dawson was named to the second team, while Heppner was honorable mention.

Bret Keimig of Davenport North was named Bowler of the Year.

The Clinton girls team wound up in fifth place with a 2,668 score. Muscatine won with ease, totaling 3,317 pins, while Bettendorf was second with 2,856.

Muscatine’s Nicole Richardson had games of 255 and 245 for a 500 total to win individual honors, and she also was named conference Bowler of the Year. Brian Chapman of Muscatine and Brian Price of Davenport West shared the coaching award.

Alexis Halcomb led Clinton with a 389 series in individual play, finishing 10th overall. Halcomb, a junior, and senior Cheyenne Brashaw were named second-team all-conference for the River Queens. Sophomore Lauren Pedersen was named honorable mention.

The Kings and Queens were to return to Plamor Lanes today for state-qualifying meets.



Team standings

1. Clinton 3,198; 2. Muscatine 3,139; 3. Davenport North 3,076; 4. Bettendorf 3,067; 5. North Scott 3,040; 6. Davenport West 2,940; 7. Davenport Central 2,890; 8. Pleasant Valley 2,871; 9. Burlington 2,384.

Individual leaders

1. Evan Marr (Clin) 249-225--474; 2. John McLaughlin (Bett) 183-278--461; 3. Matt Kemp (Bur) 199-259--458;4. Sam Burzlaff (Mus) 225-227--452; 5. Brandon Eckhardt (PV) 234-214--448; 6. Tyler Schutte 242-201--443; 7. (tie) Tim Dau (NS) 173-266--439; 7. (tie) Mitchell Kelley (North) 236-203--439; 9. Calvin Conger (North) 242-196--438; 10. Drew Speth (NS) 211-224--435.

CLINTON -- Marr 249-225--474; Schutte 242-201--443; Tanner Heppner 214-211--425; Nick Heimbaugh 202-215--417; Tim Dawson 182-233--415. Baker games 181-227-192-196-228--1,024.


First team

Bret Keimig, sr., North; Blake Freeman, sr., North; Tyler Schutte, jr., Clinton; CJ Bakoylis, fr., North; Evan Marr, jr., Clinton; Mitchell Kelley, sr., North.

Second team

Tim Dawson, sr., Clinton; John McLaughlin, sr., Bettendorf; Austin Diedrich, sr., Bettendorf; Calvin Confer, jr., North; Ryan Solt, sr., Muscatine; Tim Dau, sr., North Scott.

Honorable mention

Michael Connor, sr., Bettendorf; Matt Kemp, sr., Burlington; Tanner Heppner, sr., Clinton; Alex Meador, sr., Central; Nate Goettsch, sr., North; Bryce Yakish, jr., West; Kyle Ferris, jr., Muscatine; Drew Speth, jr., North Scott; Brendan Massengale, jr., Pleasant Valley.

Bowler of Year -- Keimig.

Coach of Year -- Mark Richardson, Clinton.


Team standings

1. Muscatine 3,317; 2. Bettendorf 2,856; 3. Davenport West 2,835; 4. North Scott 2,770; 5. Clinton 2,668; 6. Pleasant Valley 2,640; 7. Davenport North 2,567; 8. Davenport Central 2,423; 9. Burlington 1,071.

Individual leaders

1. Nicole Richardson (Mus) 255-245--500; 2. Tessa Pepping (NS) 234-246--480; 3. Michaela Kelly (Bet) 226-203--429; 4. Christin Swank (Mus) 202-224--426; 5. Mallory Madsen (Mus) 194-228--422; 6. Kaitlynn Anderson (Mus) 214-202--416; 7. Hayley Hayes (West) 204-200--404; 8. Abby Goldsberry (Bet) 233-169--402; 9. Josie Clark (Bet) 184-215--399; 10. Alexis Halcomb (Clin) 214-175--389.

CLINTON -- Halcomb 214-175--389; Lauren Pedersen 173-205--378; Carlie Mierley 179-177--356; Cheyenne Brashaw 159-191--350; Hope White 166-158--324.


First team

Nicole Richardson, sr., Muscatine; Breanna Payne, sr., Muscatine; Michaela Kelly, jr., Bettendorf; Mallory Madsen, sr., Muscatine; Chelsea Harris, so., Muscatine; Kaitlyn Anderson, jr., Muscatine.

Second team

Sydney Howard, jr., West; Baileigh Swanson, sr., North Scott; Alexis Halcomb, jr., Clinton; Kelsey Depardo, jr., North; Josie Clark, jr., Bettendorf; Cheyenne Brashaw, sr., Clinton.

Honorable mention

Katie Walker, sr., Bettendorf; Haley Villont, jr., Burlington; Lauren Pedersen, so., Clinton; Sarah Walsh, jr., Central; Miranda Miller, fr., North; Anna Hedges, jr., West; Tayrn Pepping, sr., North Scott; Caitlin Stover, sr., Pleasant Valley.

Bowler of Year -- Richardson.

Co-Coaches of Year -- Brian Chapman, Muscatine; Brian Price, West.