The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

November 12, 2012

Punter Peters on MAC first team

River Kings put 3 on second team

Herald Staff Report

BURLINGTON — Clinton senior Jeremy Peters, who had the second-highest punt total in the Mississippi Athletic Conference, shared first-team all-conference honors with the leader in that category when the league announced its honor teams today.

Peters and John Hardiek of Davenport West shared the first-team honors.

Peters was the lone River King to make the first team.

Fellow seniors Ryan Driscoll, Jacob Judd and Cody Collender were second-team picks. Junior Dustin Caldwell was placed on the third team at running back, and honorable-mention accolades went to seniors Jacob Oldaker and Tyler Thacker and junior Alex Caldwell.

Peters punted 46 times for a 27.7-yard average. He also made 12 of 18 point-after-touchdown kicks and connected on 2 of 5 field goal tries. Hardiek averaged 40.6 yards on 48 punts.

Judd was placed on the second team on both the offensive and defensive lines, while Oldaker was honorable mention on both sides, too. Judd finished with 30 tackles, while Oldaker had 28.

Driscoll had a team-high 106 carries for 442 yards to earn second-team honors at running back. Dustin Caldwell added 284 yards on 61 carries and caught eight passes for 67 yards.

Collender was named second team at defensive back. He was second on the team with 49 tackles and had one interception. He also caught seven passes for 129 yards and rushed 23 times for 93 yards.

Thacker, an honorable-mention pick at wideout, was Clinton’s top receiver with 10 catches for 242 yards. Alex Caldwell, who was honorable mention at defensive back, led Clinton with 55 tackles, including a team-high 49 solos.

Davenport Central’s Zach Minch, who rushed for 1,946 yards and 21 touchdowns was named Offensive Player of the Year. Defensive Player of the Year honors went to Cole Picchiotti of league champion Pleasant Valley. He led the league with 116 tackles.

Minch was joined in the first-team backfield by Bettendorf’s Alex Hernandez, Burlington’s Matt Seabold and Pleasant Valley’s LJ Redmond. Hernandez and Seabold both were 1,000-yard rushers. Muscatine’s Jon Crowe, who completed 196 of 266 passes for 2,849 yards, was the first-team quarterback, and his tight end and three of his receivers also earned first-team honors. They were four of the league’s top five receivers, combining for 165 catches for 2,535 yards.

Rusty VanWetzinga of Pleasant Valley was named Coach of the Year.


First team


Quarterback — Jon Crowe, sr. (Muscatine). Running backs — Alex Hernandez, sr. (Bettendorf); Matt Seabold, sr. (Burlington); Zach Minch, sr. (Davenport Central); LJ Redmond, sr. (Pleasant Valley). Tight end — Luke Rauenbuehler, sr. (Muscatine). Wideouts — Tyler Lloyd, sr. (Muscatine); Drake Kulick, sr. (Muscatine); Jake Shoultz, sr. (Muscatine). Linemen — Sean Easler, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Chris Smull, sr. (Muscatine); Justin Kreiter, sr. (North Scott); Landon Carney, jr. (Pleasant Valley); Nathaniel Scott, jr. (Pleasant Valley). Kicker — Sam Martin, sr. (Pleasant Valley).


Linemen — Tyler Ramker, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Savion Coleman, sr. (Bettendorf); Zack Clements, sr. (Muscatine); Devin Daily, sr. (Pleasant Valley); Colin Blaske, sr. (Pleasant Valley). Linebackers — Matt Seabold, sr. (Burlington); Max Weber, sr. (Muscatine); Drake Kulick, sr. (Muscatine); Cole Picchiotti, sr. (Pleasant Valley). Secondary — Jake Gervase, jr. (Davenport Assumption); Nick Schebler, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Jake Schoultz, sr. (Muscatine); Josh Cobler, sr. (Pleasant Valley); John Syverud, sr. (Pleasant Valley). Punters — Jeremy Peters, sr. (Clinton); John Hardiek, sr. (Davenport West).

Second team


Quarterback — Randy Schmidt, sr. (North Scott). Running backs — James Hua, jr. (Davenport Assumption); Ryan Driscoll, sr. (Clinton); Deontrez Overstreet, jr. (Davenport West); Dustin Beswick, sr. (Pleasant Valley). Tight end — Drake Grenier, sr. (Davenport Assumption). Wideouts — Nick Schebler, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Quilin Johnson, jr. (Davenport North); Conor Bryant, sr. (Pleasant Valley). Linemen — Jacob Hayes, sr. (Bettendorf); Taylor Robbins, sr. (Bettendorf); Jacob Judd, sr. (Clinton); Alex Schultz, sr. (Davenport Central); Andrew Oswald, sr. (Pleasant Valley). Kicker — Gauge Pender, sr. (Burlington).


Linemen — Hunter Williams, jr. (Davenport Assumption); Blake Crutcher, sr. (Bettendorf); Jacob Judd, sr. (Clinton); Tucker Snider, sr. (Muscatine); Kaedin Holst, sr. (North Scott). Linebackers — Zach Adrian, jr. (Davenport Assumption); Sam Ambrose, jr. (Bettendorf); Justin Kreiter, sr. (North Scott); Dallas Carter, sr. (Pleasant Valley). Secondary — Colin Gould, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Cody Collender, sr. (Clinton); Austin Moss, jr. (Muscatine); Brady Verbrugge, sr. (North Scott); Thomas Adams, sr. (Pleasant Valley). Punter — Randy Schmidt, sr. (North Scott).

Third team


Quarterbacks — Jake Gervase, jr. (Davenport Assumption); Brady Letney, jr. (Pleasant Valley). Running backs — Nick Schebler, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Dustin Caldwell, jr. (Clinton); Josh Limkeman, sr. (North Scott); Nick Slavens, jr. (Pleasant Valley). Tight end — Kris Klabunde, sr. (Bettendorf). Wideouts — Nick Heimendinger, sr. (Bettendorf); Ricky Grimes, so. (North Scott); Jon Rus, sr. (North Scott); AJ Smith, sr. (Pleasant Valley). Linemen — Hunter Williams, jr. (Davenport Assumption); Raekwon Jefferson, jr. (Bettendorf); Zach Bartling, sr. (Muscatine); Chris Boer, sr. (North Scott); Jordan Peters, sr. (Pleasant Valley); Tyler Zerbonia, jr. (Pleasant Valley).


Linemen — Sean Easler, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Matt Albert, jr. (Bettendorf); Jacob Light, sr. (Davenport Central); Cegan Long, sr. (North Scott); Cody Soultz, sr. (Pleasant Valley); Daquan Terry, sr. (Pleasant Valley). Linebackers — Nick Georgian, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Mitch Valentine, sr. (Davenport North); Colin Kreiter, so. (North Scott); Grant Milam, sr. (Pleasant Valley). Secondary — Peter Doyle, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Tristan O’brien, jr. (Bettendorf); Peter Goeckner, sr. (Burlington); Joey Faison, sr. (Davenport Central); Dylan Beyhl, sr. (Davenport North); Caleb Burt, sr. (North Scott). Punter — Conor Bryant, sr. (Pleasant Valley).

Honorable mention


Running backs — Kahlil McMeans, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Chance Carmen, sr. (Burlington); Brandon Infiesto, jr. (Pleasant Valley). Tight ends — Jacob Borcher, sr. (Davenport North); Seth Skahill, sr. (Pleasant Valley). Wideouts — Colin Gould, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Michael Knouse, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Maiique Hudson, sr. (Bettendorf); Tyler Thacker, sr. (Clinton); Noah Gumpert, sr. (North Scott). Linemen — Mason Owens, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Tyler Ramker, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Jake Turner, jr. (Davenport Assumption); Kyle Smith, jr. (Bettendorf); Jacob Oldaker, sr. (Clinton); Logan Burke, sr. (Davenport Central); Thomas Corbin, jr. (Davenport Central); Matt Heeren, sr. (Davenport West); George Campbell, jr. (Davenport West); Tyler Brooks, sr. (Muscatine); Dexter Golinghorst, sr. (North Scott); Kane Johnson, so. (North Scott); Brady Hardeman, sr. (North Scott).


Linemen — Max Owens, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Drake Grenier, sr. (Davenport Assumption); Joe McGovern, sr. (Bettendorf); Antone Swayzer, jr. (Burlington); Dilan Beaird, sr. (Burlington); Jacob Oldaker, sr. (Clinton); Chanslor Nicholson, sr. (Davenport Central); Tomas Gutierrez, sr. (Davenport West); Korie Gafeller, sr. (Muscatine); Nathan Pauli, jr. (North Scott); Mitch Hughes, sr. (North Scott); Cesar Garcia, sr. (Muscatine). Linebackers — Chase Hager, so. (Davenport Assumption); Cassin Wolfe, so. (Bettendorf); David Smith, so. (Bettendorf); Chance Carman, sr. (Burlington); Derek Elmore, sr. (Burlington); Jacob Behrendt, jr. (Davenport Central); Joe Pancratz, sr. (North Scott); Anthony Lampmann, sr. (Pleasant Valley). Secondary — Kolton O’Day, jr. (Davenport Assumption); Jordan Bonner-Lowery, sr. (Bettendorf); Malique Hudson, sr. (Bettendorf); Mark Wells, jr. (Bettendorf); Mauricio Cardenas, jr. (Burlington); Alex Caldwell, jr. (Clinton); Rodric Jackson, sr. (Davenport Central); Brady Shively, sr. (North Scott); Tanner Carpenter, sr. (Pleasant Valley). Punters — Jake Gervase, jr. (Davenport Assumption); Tyler Lloyd, sr. (Muscatine).