The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

April 15, 2013

Kings win 5 titles, team crown

Herald Staff Report
The Clinton Herald

---- — MUSCATINE — Clinton won three titles in singles and two in doubles Saturday on its way to winning the team championship of the Kiser Invitational boys tennis tournament at Muscatine High School.

Ryan Schroeder (No. 1), Jacob Kruse (No. 2) and Vamsi Marla (No. 6) captured singles crowns for the River Kings, while Schroeder and Kruse combined to win at No. 1 doubles and Evan Hood and Rohan Aggarwal won at No. 3 doubles.

The River Kings earned 20 points to finish three ahead of runner-up Pleasant Valley in the team scoring.

“Not everybody played as well as they were capable, but everyone battled, and our team was able to outdistance both Pleasant Valley and (Davenport) Assumption for the title,” Clinton coach David Moore said. “Ryan Schroeder, Jacob Kruse and Vamsi Marla played well all day, and although Rohan Aggarwal and Evan Hood were struggling, they reached deep and pulled out the No. 3 doubles title.”

Tony Hurlburt added a second-place finish at No. 4 singles for the River Kings.

“I believe we can get significantly better once we can get outside in a regular basis,” Moore said. “Hopefully, that will be soon.”

Camanche scored one point in the tournament and was led by Seth Boysen, who reached the semifinals at No. 1 singles.


Team standings

1. Clinton 20; 2. Pleasant Valley 17; 3. Davenport Assumption 13; 4. Fort Madison 7; 5. Muscatine 5; 6. Camanche 1; 7. Burlington 0; 8. Muscatine JV 0.

Individual results

(Championships, Clinton, Camanche results)

No. 1 singles

Championship — Ryan Schroeder (Clin) def. Nate Howard (Mus) 10-2.

Quarterfinals — Schroeder def. Dale Reyes (MJV) 10-0; Seth Boysen (Cam) def. Jimmy Huiskamp (DA) 10-6.

Semifinals — Schroeder def. Boysen 10-3.

No. 2 singles

Championship — Jacob Kruse (Clin) def. Stephen Nicknish (DA) 10-4.

Quarterfinals — Kruse def. Taustin Kaste (MJV) 10-3; Nicknish def. Devon Michaels (Cam) 10-1.

Semifinals — Kruse def. Wes Bernhardt (FM) 10-1; Nicknish def. A.J. Smith (PV) 10-4.

No. 3 singles

Championship — Sam Perenich (PV) def. Alec Osland (Mus) 10-4.

Quarterfinals — Michael Tjaden (DA) def. Zach Phillips (Cam) 10-2; Evan Hood (Clin) def. Andy Townsend (MJV) 10-4.

Semifinal — Perenich def. Hood 10-5.

No. 4 singles

Championship — Ajay Penmatcha (PV) def. Tony Hurlburt (Clin) 10-6.

Quarterfinals — Hurlburt def. Luke Adams (Bur) 10-2; Mikey Corsiglia (DA) def. Sam Osaro (Cam) 10-4.

Semifinals — Hurlburt def. Jonathan Temenak (FM) 10-6.

No. 5 singles

Championship — Tom Bush (DA) def. Neal Saigal (PV) 10-8.

Quarterfinals — Rohan Aggarwal (Clin) def. Kohlton Shields (Cam) 10-0.

Semifinals — Bush def. Aggarwal 10-4.

No. 6 singles

Championship — Vamsi Marla (Clin) def. Cole Picchiotti (PV) 10-3.

Quarterfinals — Marla (Clin) def. James Jennisen (Bur) 10-0; Drake Hogan (FM) def. Keaton DenBesten (Cam) 10-0.

Semifinals — Marla def. Hogan 10-6.

No. 1 doubles

Championship — Schroeder/Kruse (Clin) def. Smith/Perenich (PV) no score available.

Quarterfinals — Schroeder/Kruse def. Wes Bernhardt/Lance Hocker (FM) 10-3; Howard/Osland (Mus) def. Boysen/Devan Michels (Cam) 10-6.

Semifinals — Schroeder/Kruse def. Howard/Hocker 10-5.

No. 2 doubles

Championship — Charlie Haines/Penmatcha (PV) def. Corsiglia/Huiskamp (DA) no score available.

Quarterfinals — Marla/Hurlburt (Clin) def. Eric Shengren/Luke Adams (Bur) 10-2; Corsiglia/Huiskamp def. Phillips/Osaro (Cam) 10-3.

Semifinals — Corsiglia/Huiskamp def. Marla/Hurlburt 10-7.

No. 3 doubles

Championship — Hood/Aggarwal (Clin) def. Bush/Connor Corlett (DA) 10-8.

Quarterfinals — Hood/Aggarwal def. Sam Garvin/Reyes (MJV) 10-4; Bush/Corlett def. Shields/DenBesten (Cam) 10-0.

Semifinals — Hood/Aggarwal def. Ros Simpson/Hogan (FM) 10-1.