During the past several weeks, we at the Clinton Herald asked readers to share their memories and photos of the Great Flood of 1965.

They heeded that call.

From original photos to those preserved digitally, readers submitted photos of the high waters and their impact on Clinton's riverfront, Lyons and the downtown area. We received photos from Fulton and outlying towns as well as comments from readers throughout our region.

Many were from those who were experienced it firsthand, complete with information about where the photos were taken; the comments we received about the flood ranged from the serious to the lighthearted.

We want to thank everyone who took the time to submit to this project and turn it into one featuring voices of the community.

A big thank you also goes to the Clinton County Historical Society, who through its preservation activities shared numerous photos and clippings to help pull it all together.

We hope you enjoy reading today's special edition, one that underscores that this community, when faced with this natural disaster, had a spirit of cooperativeness that people remember even today — one that no doubt, in the end, saved this city.

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