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October 9, 2012

READER'S LETTER: Stop passing on raises to Clinton residents

CLINTON — Hooray for Scott Levine for his article, Sept. 28. I wonder where the city leaders common sense is?

How much more do you think the residents of Clinton can pay? The sewer rates, the lawsuits, the solid waste program, Liberty Square and the Railport.


Stop spending money you don’t have and stop making the residents of Clinton pay for your mistakes. As for the people who haven’t paid their sewer bills, I’m sure some just chose to not pay  but I’m also sure a lot of them can’t afford Clinton’s sewer rates so we’ll raise them again. That makes a lot of sense.

My understanding is the sewer rate for restaurants is a lot higher. Do you really think you’re going to get new restaurants or any other business  to locate in Clinton?

I’m surprised you don’t see more of them close. I’m sure they can’t keep passing on the raises to their customers.

Evidentially none of our city leaders have to live on a budget because they don’t seem to hesitate to raise everything. So much for voting experience.

Maybe we need people with common sense. If you don’t stop, my vision for Clinton is a lot of homes for sale won’t sell or people will have to give them away.

I already talked to people who have their homes for sale in hopes of leaving Clinton because of all these raises.

In closing I have a great idea, all the people who decided to go into closed session and then voted for the settlement, why don’t they pay for their mistake and not the citizens of Clinton.

Sandy Byers,


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