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April 30, 2013

County officials to study jail's future needs


Firms will need to break their submissions into four packages. The first package will be the jail needs assessment. The selected consultant will examine the current jail population as well as the growth and crime trends, law changes and other factors that could affect how many offenders will be detained in the jail and the length of their stays.

The consultant will also need to study the inmate population, including race, ethnicity and gender demographics. This information will be used when developing the design for what will be needed in the county jail.

The chosen firm will forecast facility capacity requirements in five-year increments for a minimum of 20 years. The forecast will be broken down to show the space needed for the different inmate areas such as intake, infirmary and housing areas. The consultant should make a similar forecast for the sheriff's office and include the costs related to what is forecast.

The second package is for facility development consulting services.

The third and fourth packages call for the consultant to examine consolidation with other emergency agencies. First, the consultant will look at the communications center including the possibility of a joint-use facility between the sheriff's office and the communications center.

The consultant will also be asked to review the 2003 space needs assessment of the Clinton Police Department and identify potential areas for consolidation if a joint city-county project were pursued.

"If there are efficiencies with this project we want to explore those," McKenrick said.

The Justice Coordinating Commission has budgeted for the study for a number of fiscal years, with the unused funds returned to the general fund. The commission also has budgeted money for the study this year, although it will not know how much it will cost until the proposals are received May 31.

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