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March 6, 2014

Concerns about land near Wal-Mart raises some safety concerns


“From a planning viewpoint, we have to be cautious and follow the engineer’s recommendation,” said commission member Tom Lonergan.

“We need the business -- there’s no two ways about it,” said commission member Sue Tugana. “But at some point you have to say we’re not going to have a road become another (danger).”

After a motion by Lonergan, the board recommended a one-way entrance for the curb-cut. With their approval, Rose can move forward to the Clinton City Council for final permission.

But he doesn’t plan to take it that far, nor will he try for permission for a two-way entrance.

“I wouldn’t get any farther (with the council) unless the commission let this go forward,” Rose said.

When learning the development might be dead without right and left turn access, Lonergan sympathized but stood by the commission’s recommendation. Clinton, he said, wants to create jobs and attract more businesses -- just not while creating more traffic concerns.

A two-way access right now might not cause too many problems. However, if the area develops as the commission expects, the conditions could become hazardous.

“I think it’s a good development for the location,” he added. “But when you take a partially developed area and you put a relatively high speed road through it, now you’re talking (Department of Transportation) regulations -- you can’t just ignore them completely without having chaos.”

If the commission ignored Craft’s recommendation, Lonergan said the development wouldn’t make it past the city council.

Rose estimated the development at $3.4 million. He reported the companies have surveyed other lots within and outside of city limits.



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