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April 3, 2013

Manufacturing top area employer


While the education levels increased for this group, the average salary was severely slashed from what was reported in the previous study. In 2010, the average salary wage in the manufacturing industry was $92,500. That wage fell to $57,000, the latest report shows. This shift could be due to a variance in the people who were surveyed. In 2010, more managers and supervisors responded to questions regarding their salary. In 2012, more people in non-supervisory operations positions responded. Wages for non-salaried workers, on the other hand, saw a significant increase, moving from $14.50 an hour in 2010 to $20.50 on the cusp of 2013.

Overall, the expansion and increased education level of the manufacturing industry in Clinton translates to success for the area, Sondgeroth said.

“We are a manufacturing and agricultural base. Communities with strong, diversified manufacturing bases are in wonderful positions to grow. Look at what we make compared to other places,” Sondgeroth said. “American manufacturing is changing from mid- 20th century models. There’s going to be a focus on more highly educated workers, highly trained with technical skills in order to operate the machinery to produce.”

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