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September 23, 2013

Queens fall in all-MAC Final 4


Thanks to Greenhaw, the Muskies built a sizable lead early in Set 2.

“We talked a lot about that rotation with Greenhaw,” Massey said. “She didn’t get any flat aces. We hung in there, but we’ve talked a lot about moving on to the next point, next point.”

Taking the service line at 6-5 Muscatine, Greenhaw’s ripped eight consecutive jump serves that either aced Clinton or put the team out of rhythm with off tempo passes. The Muskies’ defense continued to hold, and the River Queens struggled to put a ball down until Hannah Dehner’s kill out of the middle ended Muscatine’s run. By then, the score was 15-6 in favor of the Muskies.

“We don’t really see much top spin,” Clinton setter Monique Harris said of Greenhaw’s serve. She finished the tournament leading the team with 13 aces and 59 assists. “It’s hard, you know, when you to come back when you’re down.”

Wenzel said: “It gets frustrating at times when it seems like they’re getting a lot of touches. It can get into players’ heads.”

Muscatine eventually pushed its lead to 22-11. Then, the River Queens powered an admirable comeback.

“I knew we needed to get something going,” Wenzel said.

“Erin did what a senior hitter on varsity should do, and that’s pick us up,” Massey said.

With the game on the line, the Wenzel powered several intimidating blows through the Muskies front, including a harsh rip into the middle of the court cutting Clinton’s deficit to 23-19.

The hole proved too large, though, for the River Queens to climb out of. Muscatine sided out to make it 24-20. Two plays later, Greenhaw ended it on a quick set in the middle for the match-point kill, ending the contest at 25-21.

The Muskies lost in the championship to Assumption.

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