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September 27, 2013

Months of delay continue in pickup service

I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath on Aug. 9.

That was the day when I wondered aloud about the city’s lack of progress regarding large-item pickup.

Now, on Oct. 8, the Clinton City Council will discuss the topic again, a result of no one being interested in providing the service for the city.

Way back in August, I said there’s no way the city would be able to offer the service in August, and I wouldn’t hold my breath for the service to magically appear in September.

And unfortunately I was right, much to the chagrin of many residents and myself. But now we’ll be well into October before anything happens, and when peering into my crystal ball, it doesn’t seem likely anything will get done in October, unless some Council members step up, send out city workers and complete a service that has always been provided to Clinton residents.

With ever-increasing costs passed on to residents, it’s in the best for the city to give us this one little thing. It’s time-consurming and a headache for city employees and department heads.

But I get a headache every time I look at my sewer/solid waste bill.

I’ve written about this topic ad nauseam for the past year.

I understand why the city doesn’t want to do this. But when you continue to raise bills and offer fewer services, there comes a time when a little thing like a once-a-year large-item pickup becomes good business.

It’s time to give something back, and being an election year, I would hope that would give some representatives an extra boost to get something done on this topic before November.

Residents care about this. It may not be a significant line item in the budget, but this is a story our readers have indicated they follow and something I’ve heard in the public that people are confused about.

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