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March 5, 2014

UPDATE: Boutwell found guilty of sex abuse, exploitation charges

Clinton man charged with 67 counts



“Typically, deleting something, people in your home aren’t going to see it,” Barlow said.

Tuesday, the victim testified that Boutwell did know the photographs were on the computer. She told the court that she saw one of the photographs when he was looking at it.

“As she lay in her bedroom, she could see one of the naked photos of her on that computer and Jason Boutwell manipulated it, making in bigger and smaller,” Barlow said in his closing argument.

Barlow told the jurors to remember these pornographic images, as well as the victim’s testimony that it was Boutwell who took them and did the acts depicted in them.

“They’re snapshots or glimpses into what happened to (the victim),” Barlow said.

The sexual abuse charges could carry as much as 25 years in prison each and the sexual exploitation charges could each carry as much as 10 years. If ordered to serve all the sentences consecutively, Boutwell could serve as much as 775 years in prison.

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