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April 23, 2013

Camanche cuts loose


“When I finally did pass him, I just figured that was a good time to go,” said Kaczinski, who also won the 3,200. “I knew the Tipton guy was going to go out fast. He’s a great runner, so I just did my best to stay with him and push when I needed to push.”

While Rebels coach Mike Mattis said he wished for better overall results, he praised Kaczinski’s performance as one of the night’s most exciting races.

“Eli had a great night. He’s a smart guy,” Mattis said. He also commended Camanche on its stellar performance.

“We’re getting used to (second place) unfortunately,” Mattis added. “Camanche is really good.”

The event showcased several district and conference foes who could stand in the way of a Rebel bid to state. Mattis said the results indicated to him where his team needed to go before the season wrapped up.


Team standings

1. Camanche 194; 2. Northeast 108; 3. Tipton 73; 4. North Cedar 63.5; 5. Bellevue 60; 6. Maquoketa 44; 7. Wilton 40; 8. Preston 38; 9. Marquette Catholic 35; 10. Durant 21; 11. Calamus-Wheatland 14.5. Scoring: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.

Individual results

(Winners, area scorers)

100 meters — 1. Zach Nissen (Cam) 10.98, 2. Easton McDaniel (Cam) 10.99, 3. Josh Kirk (Maq) 11.18, 4. Noah Reed (Bel) 11.23, 7. Chase Zaruba (Pres) 11.48, 8. Ben Hildebrandt (NE) 11.49.

200 — 1. Derek Harksen (Cam) 22.73, 3. Thomas Brantley (Cam) 23.56, 4. Kevin Boughton (NE) 23.59, 5. Nissen (Cam) 24.01, 6. Zaruba (Pres) 24.06, 8. Jake Schroeder (Bel) 24,62.

400 — 1. Harksen (Cam) 51.11, 3. Cody Mensinger (Cam) 53.20, 5. Trevor Kabala (Maq) 54.67, 6. Nick Anderson (NE) 55.02, 7. Logan Wilhelm (Pres) 55.35, 8. Will Seeser (Cam) 55.39.

800 — 1. Mensinger (Cam) 2:06.12, 2. Anderson (NE) 2:07.12, 3. Connor Soenksen (NE) 2:08.09, 5. Danny Schroeder (Marq) 2:11.88, 8. Jacob Pulse (Cam) 2:17.93.

110 hurdles — 1. Tyler Hetzler (Wilt) 15.49, 2. Mike Osaro (Cam) 16.00, 4. Logan Schroeder (Marq) 16.39, 5. Nick Kennicker (NE) 17.11, 6. Zach Feller (Cam) 17.42, 7. Jacob Schwenker (Maq) 17.49.

1,600 — 1. Eli Kaczinski (NE) 4:47.49, 3. Andrew Meyer (Bel) 4:54.55, 4. Danny Schroeder (Marq) 16.67, 7. Zach Koppes (Maq) 17.49, 8. Bryce Everson (Cam) 18.20.

3,200 — 1. Kaczinski (NE) 10:21.30, 3. Meyer (Bel) 10:42.78, 6. Logan Peterson (Cam) 11:55.45, 7. Jaden Butler (NE) 12:01.15, 8. Ryan Murphy (Maq) 12:07.47.

400 hurdle — 1. Osaro (Cam) 58.62, 2. Devin Norman (Cam) 59.24, 3. Nick Kennicker (NE) 59.31, 4. Cole Reeg (Bel) 1:01.07, 7. Jace Michels (Belle) 1:02.28, 8. Brady Beal (Cam) 1:02.57.

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