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December 22, 2012

Sauk Valley Community College, West Carroll enter into partnership

THOMSON, Ill. — West Carroll High School is partnering with Sauk Valley Community College on an enhanced classroom.

George Mihel, president of Sauk Valley Community College, attended the West Carroll board of education meeting recently to explain how the college hopes to enhance the high school. Alan Pfeifer and Jon Mandrell, also from Sauk Valley, accompanied him.

“The school districts are our most important allies in the educational process,” Mihel said.

He explained to the board that they began brainstorming on how to enhance the relationship with all of the school districts, especially West Carroll, which is the farthest away from the Dixon, Ill., campus. The idea of an enhanced classroom came to them.

The classroom will be done in phases. After the presentation, Mihel said the room should be operational after winter break. The goal is to make it a college-level classroom that can be used for multiple purposes, such as dual-credit courses.

Mandrell told the board that they plan to design a room that really expresses a college mood “to really push them (students) to go to the next level.” He also wants it to display success stories from former West Carroll students who have gone to Sauk Valley.

The room will include technology to allow for long-distance learning. Mandrell said they also have talked about adding courses that would be beneficial to all students such as psychology and math. Pfeifer said this would be a great way for students to get used to college. Mandrell pointed out that the programs could be tailored to what the high school needs.

Superintendent Craig Mathers is happy to see the changes in the classroom. He said it is a great opportunity for the school. The idea of using it for night classes or as a community room was discussed. Mike Highland, board president, is looking forward to the partnership.

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