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December 10, 2013

Science credit added at Clinton Schools


“I think, I believe, I’m convinced that we’ll be OK,” Tharaldson Jones said. “It’s one credit.”

Another issue that concerned the board is the students who may not be on the college path, who may already have trouble reaching the school’s current requirements. By adding an additional credit requirement to science, board member Jack Wenzel said he was concerned that the school’s drop-out rate may increase.

“I understand what you’re saying and I had that fear four years ago when we revamped English,” Tharaldson Jones said. “I came to find out that, that was a fear I didn’t need to have because of the innovation systems we have in place; kids can be exposed to rigorous curriculum in a different way. In my opinion we’re aligning it for all kids so that they have the best opportunity for success.”



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