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April 23, 2013

Keeping watch: School district leaders hear safety report


Superintendent Deb Olson said this summer the focus would be custodians, kitchen staff and people that might find themselves in a similar situation.

Board member Jim McGraw asked what safety measures are taken to deal with potential crimes that mirror those that have made national headlines such as the bombings at the Boston Marathon.

Lorenzen said that is part of the reason why the safety policies are examined as frequently.

“What that does when the situation happens it just forces you to re-evaluate and look at your safety plans that are in place, look at these manuals, to make sure that we’re current with what is maybe trending, if you will,” Lorenzen said.

Board member Devin Guillory asked what the district did to address the issue of a troubled student that might become a danger to others within the school.

Olson said the response to intervention system, Facebook monitoring, guidance counselors and students reporting one another are measures used to prevent these situations. She cited one particular case that potentially protected the Clinton High community.

“I know that a year ago, Christmas time, there was a threat that was on Facebook right after Christmas vacation before we were coming back to school. A high school student threatening that they were going to come and they were going to bring a gun and they were going to shoot somebody. Well that Sunday night they got a search warrant and they went to that kid’s house. Everything was taken care of and nobody knew about it. We take everything as a credible threat,” Olson said.

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