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April 25, 2013

Fulton High School staff member's dismissal from coaching concerns reader


During Homecoming Week, Jared was hospitalized at the University of Iowa Hospitals for his treatment regimen. To say he was devastated to miss out on his last Homecoming would be an understatement. However, behind the scenes, Mr. Jeff Hoese organized the crowning of Jared as Homecoming King. He didn’t stop there for that isn’t in his character. Jeff Hoese brought Homecoming to my son — as also reported by the Clinton Herald at that time. He organized my parents, my sister, and the Homecoming Queen’s presence in Iowa City. A royal first dance was taped and played at the Homecoming festivities at the school. Mr. Hoese also utilized the powers of our social media forums (specifically Skype) to ensure Jared was indeed able to participate in his senior Homecoming Dance. Jared was able to watch and participate in the dance from his hospital room in Iowa City all due to the ingenuity and compassion of Mr. Jeff Hoese.

Jared’s cell phone number was shared with individuals during the Pep Rally so that members of the student body could reach out and connect with Jared via text messaging – so he didn’t feel so alone. So many messages were received, the cell phone was exhausted and collapsed. Happy memory – all due to the efforts and thoughtfulness of one man concerned for a member of the FHS student body in need.

At the time of these actions, my son wasn’t a basketball player. He wasn’t a member of the Student Council at FHS. My son was a Fulton Steamer and that was all that mattered to Mr. Jeff Hoese. The school district’s web-site proclaims “The school where everyone is someone.”

Mr. Hoese epitomized that mission statement. Therefore, hearing the news of his dismissal from these important leadership roles alarms and gravely concerns me. Given all of his dedication and endless efforts to improve the lives of the students at FHS, what could ever justify removing him from these roles?

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