The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

April 29, 2013

Students praise CCC's impact on education, lives

The Clinton Herald

---- — I want to let the people of Clinton County know about Clinton Community College.

The people that work there are absolutely wonderful. Everyone is incredibly helpful and caring. They go out of their way to help all the students succeed.

From picking classes to getting financing to getting books, everyone there is geared for the students to excel and graduate. If you or your children need college in the near future, please consider CCC.

I did and I am very pleased with my college experience. CCC is the best.

Loretta Mitchell,

Fulton, Ill.

Hi, my name is Nathaniel Wilbur and I started attending Clinton Community College in the fall semester of 2010. When I initially went to CCC it was because my parents wanted me to get a head start on college and because I was homeschooled I had the opportunity to be dual enrolled, meaning I was able to be both homeschooled and take college courses, which counted towards high school credits as well.

I was pleasantly surprised when I took the Compass tests that I passed out of pre-college courses and into the real deal. The decision not only to start college a little early but also to go to a community college has been an awesome opportunity and has saved me a lot of money.

I started community college at age 17 and just recently graduated high school and now I will be graduating from CCC with an AA degree in just one short semester. I am transferring the credits to a university where I will complete my Bachelor’s in Nursing.

If I could give any advice from my experience at CCC it would be to enjoy your time and that there is nothing like having a professor at your disposal and in the class. I have taken both in-class and online courses and the presence of a professor in class can sometimes make all the difference. Also, the teachers at CCC are some of the best and have been such a blessing in my experience of college and I can’t say thank you enough to all of them and the lessons they have taught me.

Nathaniel Wilbur,

Albany, Iowa

My name is Joshua Daniels. I am currently a senior at Maquoketa High School, taking dual-credit classes through Clinton Community College. I began taking dual-credit classes in my freshman year of high school and have taken at least six credits per year every year. By the end of the spring 2013 term, I will have completed my Associates of Arts degree while still in high school.

Clinton Community College has provided me with opportunities that students years ago did not have. At first, the possibility of taking college-level/credit classes while still in high school seemed farfetched. However, by the time I realized that I could complete two years of college while in high school, the idea became a goal I had to complete. My junior and senior year have been packed full of college classes — sometimes to the point of overloading myself— but it has been worth it.

The staff that I have studied under during my college career has taught me many things that I will treasure through the rest of my college life. Besides the obvious math, reading, and science skills, they have taught me to persevere through even the most stressful times. They have taught me to stand firm behind my goals and passions.

However, the one thing that my professors taught me that will stay with me forever is to continue to have fun while learning. Through their lessons, I have realized that learning and school may not be fun to all, but it can be fun if made that way.

Clinton Community College has allowed me to build the foundation for the rest of my life. After CCC, I plan to attend Iowa State University for biochemistry, beginning as a junior. CCC has allowed me to study with professors and students that, like me, want to advance themselves and each other in life. CCC has allowed me opportunities that many others may not get the chance to receive, and for that, I thank all the staff members who have helped me advance my life.

Joshua Daniels,


Delivering more than papers

This letter comes to express our appreciation for Sheryl Edelman, our Clinton Herald newspaper delivery person.

In January my husband fell in his work shop, and managed to get himself up and outside to lean upon the building. Sheryl was delivering the paper and saw him and asked him if he was OK. She helped him into the house and got him seated until I got home to take him to the doctor. Sheryl is greatly appreciated by our family and is an excellent delivery person.

Mary Broadrick,