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August 17, 2013

Rancic likes being part of power couple


AP: Do you ever get used to the intrusiveness of having your lives documented?

Rancic: Well, the “Giuliana & Bill” show is a little bit different because Giuliana and I are the executive producers of the show so certainly we have a lot of control and we have total, I guess if we wanted to, editing power but I will say in the seven seasons we’ve done the show we’ve never used our executive producer powers to cut something out. And I guess that’s what is unique about our show. We keep it real. We keep it authentic and we’ve used the show as a platform to try to tackle some heavy issues. We’ve used it for good and not evil and we’ve tackled breast cancer and infertility and a lot of my work in Haiti that we’ve covered so we’re pretty proud of the way we’ve used our platform and I think we’ve done a pretty good job over the last seven years.

AP: Tell me about your business ventures.

Rancic: Giuliana and I own some restaurants. We have RPM Italian in Chicago, we have RPM Steak opening this fall. And then we’re branching out to Washington, D.C., and Las Vegas so we’re growing our restaurant brand quite a bit. I’m really proud of Giuliana ... so we’re continuing as a husband-wife team growing our entrepreneurial ventures.

AP: Why restaurants? They’re a tough business.

Rancic: We’re inspired. My wife was born and raised in Italy until she was about 9 and then she came to America and her mom was a great cook and they have great recipes and whenever her mom would come into town we would have all these friends just randomly showing up at our house and eventually we figured out why. They wanted mama’s cooking. So we took some of her mom’s recipes and we partnered with an amazing group of people.

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