Sports? Football, Wrestling, Track, Baseball

Other Activities? FCA, FBLA, SADD, Drama, A’capella Choir, Church Council.

Siblings? Two siblings (Mason 13 and Allegra 8)

How’d you get involved in football? My parents gave me the opportunity to get involved with the sport at a young age

What do you like about it? Everything. My teammates, the fans, the student section, cheerleaders, the band, running out in front of your crowd on Friday night. What’s there not to love about Friday night lights?

Favorite TV show? Brooklyn Nine Nine

What do you want to be? Athletic trainer, or Strength and conditioning coach

Biggest fear? Losing someone close to me

Pre-game food? Banana and a P3

Favorite pre-game song? When Worlds Collide -Powerman 5000

Favorite pro team? Milwaukee Brewers