CAMANCHE – After exchanging leads, the Indians had three interceptions in the final twelve minutes of play to hold off Bellevue for a 19-14 win on Friday in their home opener.

That moved the Indians to 2-0, a feat that hasn’t been accomplished in most of the athlete’s lifetimes.

“It’s been a while since a Camanche team has been 2-0,” Camanche head coach Dustin Coit said. It’s been over a decade since the Indians started a season with two wins. “Our guys just battled all night. There were times when I thought we were going to break but we never did. We just made play after play all night.”

Leading by just five late in the game and the time dwindling, Bellevue threw the ball towards the end zone. Instead of Comet hands, the ball landed in the hands of Jordan Lawrence.

Even though the Indians didn’t capitalize on their own possession, the next attempt by Bellevue was picked off again. This time by Logan Shaw in the corner. It was met with palpable enthusiasm from both the crowd and the coaches in blue on the sideline.

The offense took the ball once more and the clock ran out with the Indians still ahead.

“Little Logan Shaw, he’s out there and he just battles,” Coit said. “He’s a dog and makes plays and the biggest interceptions ever. Jordan Lawrence with a huge interception, our defense played outstanding all night and that was great.”

It was a dramatic end that fit the back-and-forth game, both squads making moves down the field.

At the half, it was the Indians who had the 13-7 lead, thanks to a pick six by Ethan Buckley in the first.

Coming out of the locker rooms, Bellevue ran through the Camanche defense in a slow march down the field. Although there were no flashy plays, they picked up enough yards to break through for a touchdown with six minutes to go in the third quarter, giving them the 14-13 lead.

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell from the sideline, but they were just physical,” Coit said. “They always are, that’s the way they play. At time they just out-physical us a little bit.

“Hats off to Bellevue, man. They’re a really young team and they came in here and step for step, pound for pound they just battled.”

Camanche stayed calm and worked their own drive, but it ended in a pass being stripped out of Caleb Delzell’s hands for the turnover. It looked like the Comets might add another score onto their lead.

When the fourth started, though, Delzell returned the favor. He intercepted a Comet pass and ran it down the the ten-yard-line. The first play for the Indians, quarterback Jordan Lawrence found the tall hands of the 6’7 Delzell in the corner to take back the lead, reinvigorating the crowd.

“That interception was huge, and the biggest play was when he knocked a ball loose in the end,” Coit said about Delzell. “He played well and stepped up, that’s what seniors should do.”

Coit’s quarterback looked calm and collected on the field in his second time out.

“He’s getting more confident each week in practice. I knew he’d be fine and settle in.”

Camanche (2-0) travels next week, heading to North Cedar for Week 3.