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CLINTON — Archer Daniels Midland will increase production of industrial alcohol at the Clinton plant due to the demand for hand sanitizer.

A press release from ADM on Monday announced the organization will significantly increase industrial alcohol production at its Clinton corn processing plant. The production increase is aimed to help meet continuing high demand for hand sanitizer.

ADM Carbohydrate Solutions President Chris Cuddy in the release states ADM is one of the largest corn processors in the world. He adds the organization’s scale and flexibility gives it the capability to substantially scale up production on short notice to meet shifts in market demand. Cuddy adds they have already increased production at ADM’s Peoria, Illinois, facility to help address the need for industrial alcohol. He says adding additional capacity at the Clinton facility will help ADM continue to deliver the supply customers need.

The release says ADM’s corn wet mill in Clinton has the capability to produce a wide variety of industrial products as well as food and feed ingredients to meet changing customer needs. The release adds the new industrial alcohol capacity will be available on an on-demand basis to help ensure reliability of supply across the country.

“ADM has a long history of producing high-quality industrial alcohol products, and our customers know they can count on us to meet their needs at a time when other providers may struggle to meet the strict USP specifications required for hand-sanitizer production,” Cuddy said in the release.