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CLINTON — The Clinton County Board of Supervisors is recommending county department heads and elected officials discontinue curbside services unless the request meets a threshold higher than an individual not wishing to wear a mask into county buildings.

Clinton County Supervisor Jim Irwin Jr. cited potential liability concerns for the county with county employees providing curbside service. The county should not be offering curbside service if the only reason they are providing it is because someone does not want to wear a mask, Irwin believes.

“I think the only reason that we should have to go out to the parking lot or meet the public at the door is because they have a handicapped situation that they cannot come into the building and wear a mask,” Irwin said.

If the county does provide curbside services, the county employee should be required to wear a surgical mask and a face shield, Irwin believes.

Clinton County Treasurer Dustin Johnson said his department did not receive a request for curbside service last week. Last Friday and Monday morning, Johnson strongly encouraged staff to not provide curbside service but service a customer in any other way possible, he said.

“So far we’ve fielded some complaints but we’ve still been able to provide services,” Johnson said. “So I would say things are still chugging along here and we’ll be able to continue to do that.”

The county may have certain outlier situations that may be rare but would justify the county providing curbside service, Board Chairman Dan Srp said. Srp did not disagree with Irwin’s concerns but wanted to ensure anyone can receive services. Srp, noting comments from Irwin, Human Resources Director Dawn Aldridge and County Community Health Manager Michele Cullen, proposed the county recommend discontinuation of the curbside service.

“Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the department head or the elected official in which case we should have them wearing a surgical mask and a shield,” Srp said.

Clinton County Emergency Management Coordinator Chance Kness confirmed the county has enough face shields available for county staff.

Every member in each department may not need a face shield, Srp said. He added it will be up to each department to coordinate with Clinton County Maintenance and Clinton County Emergency Management with how many shields they will need for the department. Johnson said he would be happy to designate one or two staff members for that purpose.