CLINTON — The Clinton Masonic Temple will be used for Clinton County jury selection, Clinton County Attorney Mike Wolf confirmed Monday.

Wolf said the county will enter into a lease with the Masonic Temple to use it for jury selection. The cost is $400 for each week the county needs the site. The rate includes set up on Friday, storing equipment at the site over the weekend and selecting the jury on Mondays.

The clerk and judges checked the area and it met all parties’ checklists, Wolf said. Wolf anticipates jury selection concluding around 12 p.m. on Mondays and presentation of evidence to begin the following day.

“Then we’ll recess and they’ll just start back with the real jury trial as far as presenting evidence the following day in the courthouse, in the south courtroom since there‘s room there,” Wolf said.

Clinton County is one of four counties in the state to participate in a pilot jury trial Aug. 24, Wolf said. He added Scott and Muscatine counties, which are also in the Seventh Judicial District, are also holding a pilot jury trial.

“I think the Seventh Judicial District’s kind of leading the way as far as getting their cases going,” Wolf said.

Clinton County Board of Supervisors Chairman Dan Srp recommended Wolf track the expenses of the court system due to the COVID-19 pandemic in case the expenditures are Federal Emergency Management Agency reimbursable.

“Any of these things that are special accommodations due to these other situations, we want to make sure we’re tracking those independently if nothing else just so we know what it cost us to be able to operate during this time,” Srp said.

A July Iowa Supreme Court order states if a courtroom does not have sufficient space to seat spectators with appropriate physical distancing, courts are to set up live feeds of public court proceedings in another room in the courthouse or stream online or by videoconference to permit simultaneous viewing by anyone unable to attend because of space or health limitations.

Srp suggested Wolf contact Clinton County Information Technology to set up the video feed.

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