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CLINTON — Clinton County officials are continuing to look at what the best date is to open county buildings.

Clinton County officials last week discussed a potential opening date of June 8. Clinton County Auditor Eric Van Lancker on Monday stressed the June 8 date was a goal for the county but added no date for opening county buildings is currently set.

Clinton County Facilities Manager Corey Johnson said work continues to be done at various county buildings to prepare the buildings for their eventual reopening. Johnson on Monday said he anticipated a countertop would be installed within a week in the treasurer’s office at the administration building. He said that after the countertop is installed, they will install glass. Johnson said they started installing posts in the county recorder’s office to hold glass partitions that are going over top of the countertops that are in place. The auditor’s office is 98% done, Johnson confirmed. He said there are caulking issues and cleaning is needed, but added that can be done after the public is allowed in the building.

Johnson added installation in the treasurer’s office at the DeWitt Satellite Office will likely not be completed until the second week of June.

Johnson asked if the county wants to consider implementing social distancing markings on the floors of county buildings. He said the hallway to get to the treasurer and recorder’s office is only 6 feet wide.

“We have some thinking to do there on how we’re going to handle that situation too because we can’t maintain the social distancing and have people standing in that hallway,” Johnson said. “All things to think about and, I guess, implement yet before we open the buildings up.”

Johnson added his concern is with people congregating in the hallway.

Clinton County Board of Supervisors Chairman Dan Srp referenced another Iowa county implementing metrics for reopening buildings by using specific numbers and health data.

“It was going to be strictly based on the caseload of COVID-19 in their county and a decline in positive tests and some things like that,” Srp said. “Are we interested in considering specific metrics or measurements or rules for reopening our facility? I’m not saying that that’s the right direction to go but I do think there’s merit to having the conversation and evaluating those options.“

Clinton County Supervisor Jim Irwin Jr. supported the county coming up with some type of metrics system to open up county buildings. He believes the discussion on the metrics should be held as a meeting with all county Supervisors.

“I think Tom (Determann) and I should be included in that conversation also as Board of Supervisors,” Irwin said. ”Because we get questions where we’re out in the public also about what’s our time frame? What are we trying to do? I think we need to have some metrics because if we do have an outbreak in Clinton County then that completely changes our thought process on when is it safe to open up facilities.”

Board Vice Chairman Tom Determann supported forming a committee to meet and bring recommendations to the board.

The board is planning to have a meeting at 1 p.m. Tuesday to discuss metrics for reopening county buildings.