MercyOne Clinton

CLINTON – In 2016, about 2.1 million people had a substance use disorder of opioids, which include prescription painkillers and heroin, according to MercyOne Clinton Medical Center.

Clinton has been impacted by opioid use disorder without having comprehensive community resources to meet the growing demand for effective treatment—until now, the medical center said in a press release this week.

MercyOne Clinton Medical Center has opened a facility to provide comprehensive, holistic treatment for opioid use disorder. MercyOne Clinton Medication-Assisted Treatment Clinic at 221 Main Ave. provides treatment through medication, cognitive behavioral therapy and peer support.

The goal of this holistic approach, said MercyOne, is to increase the long-term success of recovery efforts. Clinton County has the fifth highest hospitalization rate for opioids in Iowa, and the 18th highest rate for treatment admissions, according to MercyOne. Until now, residents had to travel between 40 and 200 miles to access this type of treatment program.

Medication-assisted treatment, when combined with cognitive behavioral therapy and peer support, restores quality of life to those suffering from addiction and reduces opioid dependence through the administration of buprenorphine/naloxone, through education, peer support and substance use disorder counseling services, MercyOne said.

The MercyOne treatment clinic was made possible through a Department of Justice grant of $500,000 awarded to the City of Clinton, MercyOne Clinton Medical Center, the Area Substance Abuse Council, Bridgeview Mental Health and the Clinton Substance Abuse Council, MercyOne said.