File photo Tammy Campie

CAMANCHE — A Camanche city councilwoman has resigned in the middle of her four-year term.

At-large councilwoman Tammy Campie on Wednesday notified Camanche Mayor Trevor Willis of her resignation from the city. The resignation is effective immediately. Campie was in the second year of a four-year term set to expire in 2021.

Iowa Code says a vacancy in an elective city office during a term of office may be filled by one of two procedures. Iowa Code indicates the vacancy may be filled by appointment by the remaining members of the council. The appointment is to be made within 60 days after the vacancy occurs. The appointment is for the period until the next regular city election.

“There’s a procedure then that you would need to publish notice that it was your intent to fill the vacancy by appointment,” Camanche City Attorney Randy Current said. “There is no requirement or no established procedure as to how somebody is identified as a candidate. Whether you would say ‘OK, you have to have a petition with signatures on it or just come in to city hall and put your name on the list.’ That is within the council’s prerogative as to determine who would be eligible candidates for your consideration.”

Current said if the council elects to fill the vacancy by appointment citizens may petition for a special election. Iowa Code says a petition for the special election is to be received within 14 days after publication of the notice or within 14 days after the appointment is made. Iowa Code says if the petition for a special election is filed within the proper time frame, the appointment to fill the vacancy is temporary and the council is to call a special election to fill the vacancy permanently.

“If you decide that you want to appoint to fill the vacancy then to override your decision to appoint it would take a petition from roughly 105 or more voters to demand an election.”

Current said the council also has the option from the start of the process to order a special election.

Iowa Code says if the council fails to make an appointment within 60 days as required, the city clerk is ordered to give notice of the vacancy to the county commissioner. The county commissioner is to call a special election to fill the vacancy at the earliest practical date but no fewer than 32 days after the notice is received if the council fails to make an appointment within 60 days.

A city and school election was held earlier this week. Paul Varner, who currently serves on the council, and Martin Schnoor were elected to four-year terms on the council, according to unofficial election results.