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The new Clinton County Law Center will house inmates from neighboring Scott County, Clinton County Supervisors decided Monday.

CLINTON — The Clinton County Supervisors unanimously approved a resolution Monday that will allow Scott County inmates to be housed in the Clinton County Jail.

In its action, the board authorized Clinton County Sheriff Rick Lincoln to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Scott County Sheriff’s Office to house those inmates here.

The Clinton County Supervisors last month voted to approve a resolution to raise the daily rate for holding out-of-county inmates at the Clinton County Jail to $55, an increase from the previous rate of $50. Board of Supervisors Chairman Dan Srp on Monday said housing inmates from Scott County at the Clinton County Jail is expected to generate revenue.

“This actually would be revenue-generating is, I think, kind of the anticipated outcome depending on the number that we’re housing and if it’s consistent and sustained volume,” Srp said. “Which we have every reason to believe that Scott County has more than enough people to keep sending up here.”

Clinton County Jail Administrator Paul Hammond said there is a limit of no more than 12 out-of-county inmates per day so that staffing would not be affected.

Hammond said that if the Clinton County Jail takes in 12 out-of-county inmates per day, it would generate over $20,000 in revenue per month, at the new rate of $55 per day. Hammond said the memorandum of understanding is a document Scott County wanted to have in place with its policies. Srp added most other counties do not require a formal agreement.

Board of Supervisors Vice Chairman Tom Determann referenced language in the memorandum of understanding that says Clinton County will work toward the facility being Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) compliant.

“I thought part of the new jail was to be PREA compliant,” Determann said. “I guess I was surprised when we weren’t.”

Clinton County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Steve Diesch said he wants to be PREA compliant within the first few years of opening the facility. He added there are pros and cons to being PREA certified, with a yearly $6,000 inspection fee.

“The old jail could never be PREA compliant,” Diesch said. “The new jail is built to be PREA compliant. We just need to decide if that’s something that we want to do. If we want to spend the $6,000 for the annual inspection. And there was some things that the architect had missed during the process that would actually make us PREA compliant today.”

Srp said the jail becoming PREA compliant remains a county goal.

Diesch said Clinton County probably will not accept out-of-county inmates until at least the first of the year. He added the county, as of now, is planning to accept out-of-county inmates from only Scott County.