CLINTON — The Clinton Herald added local digital marketing solutions to the services it provides.

The local digital marketing solutions offer a full-end suite of online marketing products and services that can be personalized to fit all digital marketing needs.

The services that the local digital marketing solutions offer are next generation behavioral targeting, category contextual targeting, site retargeting, search engine optimization, maps and directories, pay per click, websites, Facebook ads, Facebook promotion, mobile geofence, following local competition, and event targeting.

Next generation behavioral targeting includes keyword search retargeting. Users perform a search and their data is collected, and are then shown your ads as they continue to move through other sites. Then if the user clicks on the ad they are sent to your website.

Category contextual targeting is aimed at users viewing content within a specific category that has been defined as relevant to what the advertiser has to offer. Users are then shown your ads while they continue to move through other sites or articles. When they click on your ad they are sent to your website.

With site retargeting the user comes to your website. Then when the user browses other sites on the internet your ad will follow them through their online activities.

SEO is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

Maps and directories helps your business increase exposure to draw in potential customers. It will expose your business on major business directories and important places across the web.

PPC is an online advertising model in which advertisers can display ads for their goods or services when users enter relevant queries into search engines. Advertisers are only charged when a user actually clicks on their ad.

With PPC you can show up when users search for your product in your area. This will mean more traffic to your website, more phone calls, and overall more customers to your business.

With websites, our design experts will custom build and design a website of up to 15 pages for your business. It will also be fully optimized for search engines and made for every device, including smartphones. Your new site will be built to capture customers as leads and keep them engaged.

The objective of Facebook ads is to get specific about the goals of your Facebook ad from raising awareness, driving traffic to your website and collecting leads. The target is the ads focus on your customers' demographics, locations, interests and several other metrics.

The placement of the ads show up on your targeted audiences mobile and desktop newsfeed. You set your own budget and you get monthly reports to see how your ads performed.

Karen Rowell, member of Downtown Clinton Alliance, uses Facebook ads, geofence and follow local competition services.

Rowell said, “I think the results are phenomenal, better than what we thought it would be, and has been a good tool for us.”

Rowell said she would recommend these services to others and has recommended people. Rowell's overall opinion of the service is: “I think it's great, great customer service, great results, and more.”

Facebook promotion includes eight monthly custom posts, a social expert strategy call and client phone support, monthly reporting, both geographical and demographical targeting, and $50 worth of Facebook ads.

Lou Ray, owner of Deja Vu Furniture and Accessories, used Facebook promotion but then switched to mobile geofence and follow local competition. Even though Ray switched, she said, “I'm glad I did it, I think I benefited from it.”

“When I am busy with my business it’s nice to have somebody else do it for me,:" Ray said. "It really helped me with my Facebook presence.”

“I would recommend it to people, especially those who do not know how to use the internet like a professional,” Ray said.

Mobile geofence and follow local competition is the most advanced location-based mobile advertising technology for targeting users based on specific geographic areas.

It also enables marketers to customize audiences through custom targeting shaped with a precise and accurate data. You can also follow customers who visit or commute through any business location.

“I feel what I'm doing now I have noticed an uptick in business," she said. "I don't know if it is from the service I am receiving but business has been doing better.”

Event targeting is a precise temporary virtual fence around a local event. Advertisers can target a custom, niche audience out of users attending a specific event during a predetermined time and then serve them ads for up to 30 days after the event.

Every digital tactic comes with full monthly reporting.

If you have any questions or are interested in these services, contact Kindra Pedersen, digital marketing manager, at (563) 503-5451 or by email at

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