CAMANCHE — The Camanche Days Festival has been cancelled for this year, Event Organizer Brenda Larkey said Friday.

The Board made the decision to cancel Camanche Days 2020 due to the uptick in COVID-19 cases and too many legal variables, Larkey said.

“There were just too many legal issues that could have occurred had someone come in contact with a positive COVID patient while in attendance,” Larkey said. “And not one of us wants to put any of our friends or family at risk.”

Larkey referenced Clinton County’s low COVID-19 numbers and said the board wants to keep the numbers low. She added that the event draws many out of town attendees.

“It only takes one positive case on grounds to cause an outbreak,” Larkey said.

Camanche Mayor Trevor Willis said he was contacted last night by Larkey and was informed of the cancellation of Camanche Days.

Camanche Police Chief Colin Reid expressed concern last week about the number of people who would attend the event. Fire Chief Dave Schutte expressed his own concerns Thursday.

“I have some similar concerns that Chief Reid had,” Schutte said. “Whatever the intentions are, I love Camanche Days too, but my concern is, if this is the only event in the area ... we’re going to have huge crowds. And we’re going to run into issues as well as far as providing EMS, fire.”

Schutte added he anticipates that the Camanche Fire Department pancake breakfast will be cancelled because the department cannot operate the event at half capacity and generate revenue for muscular dystrophy.

Donna Current of Camanche Kiwanis said the group is “kind of thinking negatively” about having a parade this year.

“We kind of feel the same way the fire department does because we’re going to have people coming in from out of town,” Current said.

On Thursday, the Camanche Days Board, prior to making the decision to cancel the event, presented the city council with its mitigation plan with the intent of proceeding with Camanche Days. The board’s mitigation plan included cleaning training for all board members, special event coordinators and vendors.

The board proposed that all bathrooms have hand sanitizer stations and all hand washing stations have hand sanitizer stations on them. The board had planned to have temperature checks available and to provide all board members with gloves and masks.