Board of Supervisors Chairman Dan Srp (left) and Supervisor Jim Irwin Jr. are shown at Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting at the Clinton County Administration Building.

CLINTON – Clinton County will accept applications for the potential appointment of a county treasurer to replace current treasurer Rhonda McIntyre, who is set to retire at the end of March.

McIntyre, who has served as the county treasurer since 1995, announced in October she would be retiring effective March 31. The Clinton County Supervisors must fill the vacancy by appointment or through a special election.

An individual appointed to fill the vacancy would serve as county treasurer until the November election, when the county treasurer position would appear on the ballot. The winner of the November election would serve the remainder of McIntyre’s term, which is set to run through 2022. If a special election is held, the winner of the special election would serve the remainder of McIntyre’s term. A special election is expected to cost about $25,000.

Board of Supervisors Chairman Dan Srp prefers filling the vacancy by appointment. He believes the county has the luxury of having time to work through a process and evaluate options to appoint. He added that county officials could change their minds and order an election at a later date in the process.

“It would be my preference to try to work through the appointment option given the timelines, the cost and the relatively narrow window, as I see it, of time that an appointment would show up on in November. So from my standpoint, that’s the correct solution.”

Clinton County resident Gary Schroder encouraged the county to proceed with an appointment process to fill the vacancy.

“Save the taxpayers some money,” Schroeder said. “I think we have qualified people in the department and some people outside and as a taxpayer I’d encourage going with the appointment process and not a special election.”

Supervisors Board Vice Chairman Tom Determann supports appointing for the vacancy. He suggested the county take applications for the vacancy.

Supervisor Jim Irwin Jr. also supports taking applications for the position. He also believes Karen Petersen, office manager in the Treasurer’s Office, should have a role in hiring her replacement. Petersen is considering retiring around June 30, or after the election if she is appointed to fill the vacancy for the interim period. McIntyre at last week’s board meeting recommended the board consider appointing Petersen to fill the vacancy.

Srp said whomever is appointed to fill the vacancy has the authority of the office and is responsible to fill any vacant positions within the department. Srp said the appointee may utilize county resources, such as Human Resources and interview teams.

“Ultimately, the responsibility lies with whoever’s appointed to identify that timeline and to pursue filling any positions,” Srp said. “So really that’s going to be an outcome of our process. It’s going to probably impact that and maybe that’s something that can be part of our discussion with potential candidates. What would be their thoughts about filling the positions and timing and things like that. Because that certainly is a very merited conversation to have.”

The board will accept applications through the end of January.