CLINTON — A Clinton man was ordered to be placed at the Residential Corrections Facility in connection with forgery and theft cases.

Travis M. Bousman, 24, 2414 Barker St., appeared Thursday in Clinton County District Court for sentencing for seven counts of forgery, a Class D felony, and fifth-degree theft, a simple misdemeanor.

Assistant Clinton County Attorney Ross Barlow asked the court to follow the Pre-Sentence Investigation report’s recommendation of probation and placement at the RCF. Barlow requested the court order Bousman to pay victim restitution to Clinton National Bank and Casey’s.

Defense attorney John Kies asked the court to follow the PSI recommendation. He stated Bousman has no felony convictions. He also said Bousman was eligible for a deferred judgement. He said supervision while on probation and, if necessary, the RCF would provide sanctions for Bousman while on probation.

Bousman said he knew what he did was wrong but stated it was “a little extreme” to go as far as placement at the RCF. He said that over the summer he had gotten a job and was in treatment. He said he would have no problem paying the victims back but stated he believed he would have a better chance in the county in which he currently resides.

“I’d follow all rules I need to on probation,” Bousman said.

Clinton County District Court Judge Nancy Tabor, citing the PSI and statements made during the sentencing hearing, said she did not believe Bousman understood how serious the charges were. Tabor determined a deferred judgement for Bousman was not appropriate, citing his attitude during the sentencing hearing and talking back to Tabor.

Tabor ordered that prison sentences of up to five years on all seven counts of forgery be suspended. The sentences were ordered to run concurrently. Tabor ordered Bousman to complete the RCF program, seek and maintain employment and obtain substance abuse treatment as conditions of probation.

Bousman was ordered to serve 30 days in the Clinton County Jail, with credit for time served, for fifth-degree theft. Tabor ordered Bousman to remain in the Clinton County Jail until bed space is available at the RCF. Bousman was ordered to pay $425 in victim restitution to Clinton National Bank and $90 in victim restitution to Casey’s General Store.