Pell sent to prison

CLINTON — A Clinton man will be required to serve a minimum of one year in prison for a felony domestic abuse-assault charge.

Jaycob L. Pell, 31, 301 N. Bluff Blvd., appeared Thursday in Clinton County District Court and pleaded guilty to domestic abuse-assault, third offense, a Class D felony; and false imprisonment, a serious misdemeanor. The plea agreement says Pell was advised he is not eligible for a suspended sentence or deferred judgement. He was further advised he must serve a mandatory minimum of one year in prison. The State will not seek the habitual offender enhancement as originally charged. The State will recommend concurrent sentences. Pell will be responsible for restitution resulting from all counts alleged in the trial information.

According to the affidavit, at 9:59 a.m. March 9, officers received a report of a disturbance at Pell's residence. An officer spoke with a female at the police department. The female reported she lived at the residence with another female. The female said Pell was also at the residence. She said Pell would not allow the second female to leave, was physically assaulting her and the female was covered in bruises.

The affidavit states officers went to the residence and made contact with Pell and the female. The female, who had numerous bruises on her face and neck, stated she and Pell were romantically involved, had lived together the past year and just moved into the residence two days earlier. The female reported that on March 8 she received a Facebook message from another male. Pell saw the message and became angry. The female said Pell called her several derogatory names and then began to punch and choke her. The female said the choking made it difficult to breathe or talk. The female said Pell would not let her leave the residence. She said he told her he was going to hold her hostage and kill her if the police showed up.

The affidavit states Pell prevented her from leaving the residence through the use of physical means and threats against her property and children. The female said Pell assaulted her several more times between the morning of March 8 and March 9. The female stated that during the additional incidents Pell punched her, pulled her hair and choked her. Pell at one point allegedly used his lighter to light a cigarette and then grabbed the female by the neck while still holding the lighter. The lighter was hot and burned the underside of the female's chin. Pell stated he and the female lived together within the previous year but denied any physical altercation occurred between them. A criminal history check showed Pell had two previous domestic assault convictions.