Clinton Police

CLINTON — Two Clinton residents are facing felony charges for allegedly conspiring to manufacture methamphetamine.

Katarina L. Boudewyn Griffin, 20, 1227 Eighth Ave. South, was arrested Sunday night on a warrant for conspiracy to manufacture meth, in connection with the execution of a search warrant in June at 1230 14th Ave. South. 

David Griffin, 26, has been changed with the same charge.

According to court documents, Clinton police executed a search warrant for stolen property on June 27 at that address, with Katarina L. Boudewyn Griffin and David Griffin, 26, as suspects.

The search revealed evidence of meth manufacturing in the basement, according to the affidavit.

After applying for a methamphetamine search warrant, officers found numerous items used to manufacture met.

Court documents continue that officers located four suspected one-pot meth labs, 28 suspected hydrochloric generators, nine empty containers of Coleman fuel, seven empty cans of lighter fluid, one can of starting fluid and two empty containers of lye. The search also revealed numerous empty blister packages of pseudoephedrine, packaging for cold packs, lithium battery components and packaging, coffee filters with residue suspected to be meth, salt and aquarium tubing. According to the affidavit, officers also found incidia and meth-making materials in garbage bags for both Katarina L. Boudewyn Griffin and David Griffin. 

According to court documents, a check of the National Precursor Log Exchange shows David Griffin attempted to purchase pseudoephedrine on 28 occasions and was successful 18, between Aug. 22, 2013 and June 27, 2014. Katarina L. Boudewyn Griffin attempted to purchase the drug on 19 occasions and was successful 15, between the same period of time, the documents state.

Katarina L. Boudewyn Griffin’s preliminary hearing is set for 8:30 a.m. Sept. 2. David Griffin has his preliminary hearing at 8:30 a.m. Sept. 5.

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