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LANARK, Ill. — In early November, Elkay installed a Smartwell Beverage System at Exchange State Bank in Lanark.

Elkay, a family-owned manufacturing company serving a wide array of customers for plumbing, commercial, industrial, retail and foodservice goods and services, started producing Smartwell this past year and has since installed the premium beverage dispensers in many professional settings.

Produced right in Lanark, Elkay’s Smartwell beverage system offers businesses the ability to serve their customers a variety of different flavored and enhanced refreshments. Users have the option to create custom beverages on demand – no need for disposable bottles or cans. With a touch screen, users can mix and match fruit flavors and add enhancements to fresh, filtered water, either still or sparkling.

Installation of Smartwell required eight square feet of space plus access to electricity, a water source that can be up to 10 feet away from the unit, and a Wi-Fi network. Russ Hansen, manager of service at Elkay’s Lanark location and his team were responsible for overseeing the installation process from start to finish.

“It is nice to see Smartwell locally-installed – to know that not only was it built in the same building where I work, but that now it is installed within the same city I work in,” Hansen said. “There is a sense of pride in that. Seeing this being installed in new places is exciting.”

Elkay has made a commitment to launch and manufacture new products in the area. The company plans to increase the production of Smartwell and other Elkay-branded products in the Lanark facility.

Lanark has served as a key manufacturing location for Elkay, contributing greatly to the company’s overall growth. Today, with a total of 34 employees at the Elkay Lanark plant, Elkay desires to continue to increase employment in the area.

“Elkay has been in business for almost 100 years, and the Lanark plant and community have been a big part of our success since 1976,” said Kraig Kniss, Vice President of Operations at Elkay. “The Smartwell Beverage Dispenser is an exciting new product for us, and we are pleased to build it in the Lanark plant. We are investing in a new production area, with a state-of-the-art production line, which we plan to expand in the years ahead as the Smartwell portfolio of product expands and volumes grow.”