Clinton County Facilities Manager Corey Johnson (center) speaks about the progress of the Clinton County Law Center project as Clinton County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Steve Diesch (foreground) and Clinton County Auditor Eric Van Lancker look on.

CLINTON — The inspection of the Clinton County Law Center is underway.

Clinton County Facilities Manger Corey Johnson on Monday said State Jail Inspector Delbert Longley is inspecting the Law Center through today to certify the jail. Longley will tell the county what needs to be completed before moving into the jail. Johnson added that once the county receives the certification, he will meet with the project team and make an announcement on the open house for the public. He said he is going to wait to receive the certification before announcing a date for the open house.

The county previously identified a timeline of approximately three weeks before holding the open house.

“I’ll say it is roughly a three-week timeline that we’ve identified between the inspection and the open house,” Clinton County Board of Supervisors Chairman Dan Srp said. “We’ll just leave it at that.”

The jail was filled with smoke before Longley arrived to be sure all systems are working properly. Johnson said the test was done on Friday. Johnson added they still need to smoke a whole cell block but did shoot smoke down a ventilation pipe.

“We had the city fire marshal there and they shot some smoke, a can of smoke, down the one ventilation pipe in the one cell to see if it would activate the alarms and it did activate,” Johnson said. “And it didn’t take very much because it’s, you know, like the air can that you use to dust off your keyboard, that’s how big it was. They shot it down one ventilation duct and it did activate it.”

Johnson said after these steps are completed, they will take the current Law Center down as quickly as possible. They will also add parking across the street as soon as possible. Johnson added he is hoping to open Sixth Avenue North this week.

“If everything goes well with Delbert this week then I don’t have to have three guys working inside the jail. I will have guys working on that starting Wednesday getting that opened back up,” Johnson said. “And then we’ll have some temporary closings over there when we actually have to take the gravel out between the sidewalk and the curb. Start doing planting with grass and that kind of stuff.”

The Supervisors later in the meeting voted 2-1 to approve a resolution authorizing the payment of Law Enforcement Center project claims. Srp and Supervisor Jim Irwin Jr. voted in favor of the resolution. Board Vice Chairman Tom Determann voted against the resolution. The resolution was for an invoice from the Samuels Group for $40,936.