Rachael Keating/Clinton Herald

Clinton’s new City Administrator Matthew Brooke stands with his wife Jody in his office at City Hall on Friday.

Matthew Brooke started his new role as Clinton City Administrator this week. Find out more about him in this week’s edition of Meet Your Neighbor.

How was your first week as Clinton’s City Administrator?

My first week was wonderful. As I finish up, the first four days have been fast and furious but it’s good to get out. The analogy is you don’t know what’s growing in your garden until you get out into it; we have a great garden in Clinton and we have a lot of great gardeners that do a lot of great stuff.

Have you found a new home in Clinton?

Yes, we have found a new home. We’re supposed to close on Valentine’s Day.

Who made the move with you?

My wife, Jody, and two Scottish terriers, Ranger and Scout. Our youngest daughter Darby will graduate in May from Iowa State and the plan is she’ll come hang out just for a little bit as she starts to plot her future.

What have you enjoyed about Clinton?

Meatloaf on Thursday was awesome at the Corner Deli. I went to Jenny’s which was awesome and Candlelight.

What are you looking forward to this coming year?

The other day I wrote down all the stuff that happened to the Brooke family from doing several mergers and acquisitions to having two grandchildren born, one on Valentine’s Day and one on Thanksgiving, to someone lifting 405 pounds on a bench press, to getting to take my wife to Portugal and Spain as part of the MBA program, and I’ve been to Amsterdam several times the past year because of my old job. We stay very busy and active and I see the same thing but it will be more in line with the community’s objectives and goals. We want to be integrated whether it be joining a club or taking part in all the activities going on.