Anton Green (left) Steven Johnson and Mitchel English, from Glass Heritage in Davenport, carry a pane of stained glass off scaffolding in the Clinton Public Library on Tuesday.

Stained-glass windows in the Clinton Public Library will be receiving a makeover thanks to a $30,000 grant from Union Pacific Railroad.

Tuesday morning and afternoon, scaffolding sprouted up in the main section of the library near the balcony as Glass Heritage, from Davenport, prepared to remove the glass for restoration. Four large panels of stained glass hang above the balcony, while more stained-glass windows are found in the front, main entrance area. Since the library was built 110 years ago, none of these panes has been restored.

“All in all, it’s a super piece of art that is worth the time and money to restore,” Steven Johnson, from Glass Heritage, said.

Director Amy Birtell watched as Johnson and his crew removed the windows Tuesday afternoon. The restoration of the stained glass was fully funded through the $30,000 grant from UP. Before the ceiling panes are put back up, lights will be added to make them shine.

The restoration will be very detailed, with workers photographing the entire panel before completely disassembling it and placing it in a wash. All the leading, gaps and broken panels will be fixed.

“This will shine like a new dime when this is done,” Johnson said.

Johnson and Birtell expect the stained glass to be back in by August. A protective layer of glass will be added to the outside of the stained-glass windows.


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