Nicole Holle inserts her completed ballot Tuesday at First United Methodist Church in Clinton. Turnout in Clinton was up compared to the last city election in 2009.

Increases in voter turnout were seen in some of the city elections in Clinton County.

Clinton County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections Eric Van Lancker said while he always hopes for a higher turnout, he is encouraged by some of the numbers in the different city elections. According to the unofficial numbers, Clinton saw a 23 percent turnout Tuesday.

Van Lancker said this is historically one of the higher turnouts in recent years. In 2007, the turnout was 21 percent and the 2009 election saw a 14 percent turnout.

The Camanche election also saw a significant turnout of 33 percent. Van Lancker said Camanche’s turnout has not been more than 30 percent since 1993.

The largest turnout in the county was in Charlotte with 41 percent. Van Lancker said small communities often have higher turnouts because there are less registered voters.

Not all of the cities saw high turnouts. DeWitt’s unofficial voter turnout was 1.5 percent. Van Lancker said factors such as the weather and the fact that there were no contested races most likely contributed to this turnout.

“Our local elections should have better turnouts overall,” Van Lancker said.

Van Lancker said he will not be truly happy until turnouts of more than 80 percent are seen. He feels it is people’s duties as Americans to exercise the right to vote and take advantage of elections.

However, Van Lancker said he is encouraged by the increases they did see. While these increases were in cities where there were races of interest, Van Lancker said he takes it as an encouraging sign.

Election results will not be official until after the Thursday canvas.